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Moving and Relocation Information - Employees & Managers

Welcome to UVA! We are happy that you are joining our community.

Moving to a new location can be exciting, but it can also be challenging. Our goal is to minimize the stress that comes with planning your move so that you can concentrate on your new position at UVA. Below is information about UVA's moving and relocation program, as well as local resources to help you get acclimated to your new community.

If you are moving from Canada, please see this webpage developed for you. 

UVA Moving and Relocation Assistance Policy

As a result of recent tax law changes, all relocation expenses, whether previously deductible or not, are now taxable to an employee if reimbursed or paid on their behalf. 

Under the University Moving and Relocation Assistance Policy, if you receive Moving and Relocation Assistance, the amount paid to you will be reflected in your W-2 tax withholding statements as taxable income and will have appropriate federal and state income taxes withheld as required by the IRS.

  • Overview of Moving and Relocation Assistance Policy

    Relocating Employees

    A Moving and Relocation Assistance payment is made as a taxable benefit to you, as an incoming employee, or on behalf of you to assist with your personal moving, relocation, and employment costs. This is intended to cover expenses for you and members of your household while moving, including:

    • house-hunting costs
    • packing and transporting household goods, furnishings, and personal effects
    • transportation and lodging

    While there is no standard amount for the Moving and Relocation Assistance, the amount offered is determined for each prospective employee on a case-by-case basis and is authorized, in advance, as the School/Unit/Department level, usually included as a component of a hiring package.

  • Moving and Relocation Assistance

    At the discretion of the School/Unit/Department Head or Designated Hiring Official, the University may (a) provide Moving and Relocation Assistance to cover personal moving, relocation, and employment costs directly to you within one year of your first day of employment at the University, or (b) at their sole discretion and risk, elect to incur moving and relocation expenses on your behalf, as is provided below.

    a) Paid Directly to the Employee

    The Moving and Relocation Assistance will be paid in one lump sum in the paycheck following your first day of employment at the University. The Moving and Relocation Assistance will be reported as taxable income for you with appropriate federal and state taxes withheld. 

    • Access to the University's Moving and Relocation Service Contracts: As an incoming employee, you may elect to utilize the University's negotiated service levels and rates with contracted third-party relocation and storage service suppliers. Please note that the existence of these contracts does not constitute the University's endorsement of the supplier, nor does the University make any representation that the negotiated rates are the best rates available. We encourage you to use due diligence in selecting a moving and relocation company. 

    b) Paid on Behalf of the Employee

    A hiring School/Unit/Department may elect to purchase moving and relocation services provided by a contracted supplier. In these cases, the School/Unit/Department coordinates with you and with the contracted supplier. The contracted supplier bills the University for relocation-related expenses, through the standard University procurement process. The School/Unit/Department is responsible for reviewing, approving, and paying the expense. There is no cash outlay to or by you at the time the expense is incurred.

    Your manager (or designee) will report the expenditure on your behalf in Workday.

  • Moving and Relocation Assistance Guidelines and Monetary Thresholds

    • Assistance for moving and relocation expenses must be authorized, in advance, by the School/Unit/Department Head or Designated Hiring Official.
    • If authorized, the monetary threshold for Moving and Relocation Assistance shall not exceed $20,000.
    • A new employee must be relocating at least 50 miles from their previous residence to qualify for assistance.
    • Exceptions to the $20,000 monetary cap and the 50 mile requirement must be approved, in writing, by the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.
    • If the employee's spouse is also an incoming University employee and otherwise eligible for Moving and Relocation Assistance, expenses for the move of the primary household is paid to or provided on behalf of one employee only. 
    • The new hired employee will be required to execute an Employee Moving and Relocation Agreement prior to the payment of the Moving and Relocation Assistance. 
    • The employee must remain employed on a full-time basis with the University for at least one year, beginning on the date that the employee starts their employment at UVA. If the employee voluntarily ends their employment with the University or engages in behavior that makes termination of employment necessary prior to the obligated one year of service, the employee must repay the University the prorated gross amount of the assistance, i/e/, actual payments that were received by or paid on behalf of the employee. (This includes payments to third parties on the employee's behalf, plus all taxes deducted that relate to those payments.)
  • Selecting A Moving Company

    If you do not plan to make a self-move, you can either select a UVA contract common carrier vendor or entertain quotes from non-contract vendors.

    Using UVA Contract Vendors

    • A purchase order is executed for your move (your departmental contact creates a requisition that a Central Office Sourcing Specialist sources to create a Purchase Order. The Sourcing Specialist will require your Moving Agreement to process the Purchase Order).
    • The invoice is paid directly through Accounts Payable.
    • The cost of common carrier charges is deducted from the total amount designated in your Moving Agreement.
    • The fully-executed Moving Agreement must be on file to verify the total amount the University will pay towards the relocation.

    Central Office Procurement Agreements for Moving and Relocation Services:

    Using Non-Contract Vendors

    • If you use a non-contracted supplier, obtain three quotes when the price exceeds the institution’s competitive purchase threshold of $10,000. If your move is less than $10,000, you do not have to obtain quotes to meet competition requirements.
    • The company that provides the lowest quote shall prevail. (All quotes must be submitted in the Requisition process for a Purchase Order to be created.)
    • If the University is paying for your move using a Purchase Order (PO), the vendor must register as a supplier in PaymentWorks and submit their invoice with the Purchase Order (PO) number affixed to
    • If the employee pays for the move, they will receive the full payment in their Moving Agreement, minus taxes, in their University of Virginia payroll-issued check.

Resources for New Residents

Explore these resources for information about housing, schools, shopping, entertainment and more.

Managers - Departmental Information

Department managers offering relocation services to an employee should review the sections below for details on how to execute and revise the Moving Agreement and initiate reimbursement requests. Make sure to provide a clear contact for the employee should she/he have questions throughout the process.

  • Deadlines

    As the incoming employee's manager (or designee), you must report the total value of all expenditures made to a supplier on behalf of the employee in Workday, as non-cash, taxable compensation:

    • within one month of the employee's first day of employment at the University, or
    • for service provided after the employee's first day of employment at the University, within one month of the date the expense was incurred by the School/Unit/Department.

    Payroll Services will withhold applicable federal and state taxes from the employee's next paycheck.

  • Executing the Moving Agreement

    Signing the Agreement

    Once employees have accepted the offer of employment, the Moving Agreement is prepared for signature. 

    • Provide employees with the name and telephone number of the departmental contact who will personally assist them throughout the moving experience.
    • Make sure you also include the names and telephone numbers for all departmental UVA contacts involved in this process in the Moving Agreement.
    • The Agreement is not valid until it has been signed by the Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, or designee.

    Sending the Agreement

    The Moving Agreement should be signed and dated by the Departmental Head/Dean and the employee, and then sent through DocuSign, which will notify all parties once the Agreement is signed and final.

  • Revising the Moving Agreement

    If you need to make changes to a fully-executed (signed by UVA HR) Moving Agreement, such as changing the “move from” location or the maximum total amount for reimbursement, you must submit a revised Moving Agreement.

    Extending the End Date

    In addition to submitting a revised Moving Agreement for an extension, you must include a cover letter (written letter or email correspondence) stating the reason for the extension request. All requests to extend the end date should be submitted prior to the current end date of the fully-executed Moving Agreement.

    Typical reasons for requesting an extension may include: the employee’s spouse and children have not yet been able to relocate, the employee’s house has not yet sold (wish to take advantage of allowable expenses), the employee has not yet found suitable housing (wish to take advantage of allowable expenses), or the final move is not yet complete.

    Submitting a Revised Moving Agreement

    • Use your copy of the fully-executed Moving Agreement to make the changes.
    • Write “REVISED” in the upper right corner.
    • Strike through the fields you wish to change.
    • Enter the changes you wish to make (be sure the change is legible; you can use the margins if you don’t have enough room).
    • Strike through all of the signatures (employee, departmental, Dean’s Office/VP if required).
    • Each person who signed the original agreement must re-sign and re-date the revised agreement.
    • Scan and send the revised agreement to
  • Initiating Reimbursement Requests

    Before initiating a reimbursement request, familiarize yourself with our Moving and Relocation Policy, and prepare yourself to confirm that the Employee Overview/Allowable Expenses include reimbursable expenses by category.

    You must also discuss whether the employee’s move will be a self-move or via common carrier. Direct questions to Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services, use Buyer Assist, or initiate a requisition to begin the procurement process. Finally, create a purchase order (requisition) in the Marketplace if a non-contract vendor is selected. Procurement Services takes over from there.

    Reimbursement requests must be made by the new employee's manager (or designee) in Workday through a One-Time Payment request.

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