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UVA Dental Plan

Every employee has different dental needs, whether basic cleanings and checkups, or covered dependents ready for braces. To meet your unique needs, the University offers two UVA Dental Plan options: Basic and Enhanced Dental. The UVA Dental Plan is administered by United Concordia. Changes can be made during Annual Enrollment each October, or after a major life change e.g. a change in marital status, an addition to the family, or a leave of absence.

Who is eligible?

The following information is general eligibility for both UVA Dental Plan options.

  • Employees

    To be eligible for a UVA Dental Plan, you must be a full- or part-time UVA employee, regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours/week. To be eligible for dental coverage through UVA, you must be one of the following employee types:

    • Faculty
    • Classified Staff
    • Medical Center Team Members
    • Postdoctoral Research Associates
    • Senior Professional Research Staff
    • University Staff
    • Retiree (non Medicare eligible)
    • Housestaff
    • Grant-funded Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Spouses

    To be added to your UVA Dental Plan, spouses must be legally recognized as a spouse in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Children

    To be added to your UVA Dental Plan, children must be your biological, step, adopted, or foster child, or any child declared a dependent on your federal tax return for whom you are the legal guardian with permanent custody.  You must be the legal guardian with permanent custody. Children are eligible through December 31 of the year they turn 26. Starting January 1, 2019, children are eligible to the end of the birth month in which they turn 26 rather than the birth year.

  • Adult Children with Disabilities

    If children are incapable of self-support, due to mental or physical disability, they can remain on your dental plan beyond age 26 as long as the following requirements are met:

    • Required documentation is approved in advance by the benefits claims administrator before the dependent's 26th birthday.
    • They are unmarried.
    • They live with you 100% of the time.
    • They are declared a dependent on your federal tax return.

What are the costs?

Cost is one factor to consider when choosing the dental coverage. The UVA Dental Plan has two options: Basic Dental and Enhanced Dental. Look at the premiums and deductible for each option and select the best one for your needs. Consider if you, or a covered dependent, might need more complex care such as crowns or orthodontia. For complex restorative services (after the deductible is met), Basic Dental covers 50% of eligible expenses and Enhanced Dental covers 60%. See the Dental Options Comparison Chart for more about covered services and costs. Routine and preventive care is covered at 100% in-network.


Your premiums are the amount you spend on the UVA Dental Plan each paycheck. Premiums are not included as contributions toward your deductible. You pay the premiums, regardless of whether you use the benefits.

Note: Premium amounts below are monthly. Family coverage includes employee, spouse, and children.


As a COBRA participant, you can choose enrollment only in the same option in which you were enrolled on your last day of coverage as an active employee, Postdoc Fellow, or Housestaff. The table below shows monthly premiums, which remain unchanged from 2018.



COBRA - Basic Dental

COBRA - Enhanced Dental




Employee + Child(ren)



Employee + Spouse







Your deductible is the amount you pay for covered dental care services before the UVA Dental Plan starts to pay. The deductible for both options is $50/year. The deductible is only applied to type B or Type C services.

Annual Maximum Benefit

The annual maximum benefit is the most the plan will cover in allowable expenses within one year.

How do I use the UVA Dental Plan?

UVA Dental Plan coverage varies between the Basic and Enhanced Dental options. With both options, routine and preventive care is covered at 100%. For specific information about coverage and costs for each option, please use the following resources:

  • Register at

    The first time you use the United Concordia Dental website, you will need to register.

    • Go to and click on “Create Your Account.”
    • In the “Tell us about yourself” section, select “Member.”
    • Follow the prompts to register. You will need your dental identification number (found on your United Concordia card) or social security number, so have that information handy.
    • Begin using the United Concordia Dental website.
  • Get a dental insurance card

    When you first sign up for the UVA Dental Plan or switch between options, you will receive a card by mail.

    To view or print card, use the following steps:

    • Go to
    • Enter your username and password and click “Sign In.”
    • Select “ID Card” above your usage summary.
    • Once viewing the ID Card, you may print a card or select “Mail My Card.”
  • Find a provider

    To search for a dentist:

    • Click here.
    • Click on "Search for an Advantage Plus Dentist."
  • Price a procedure

    To find out about specific coverage, follow these steps:

    • Go to
    • Enter your username and password and click “Sign In.”
    • In the top navigation bar, select “Find a Dentist.”
    • Scroll through the procedure list in the “Coverage Summary,” use the search box, or use the navigation bar to research coverage for different categories of procedures e.g. “Routine,” “Non-Routine & Surgical,” and “Braces & Orthodontic.”
  • Review a claim or explanation of benefits (EOB)

    To access claim and EOB information, follow these steps:

    • Go to
    • Enter your username and password and click “Sign In.”
    • In the top navigation bar, click on “Claims.”
    • Review your claim information summary and click on the “+” near the bottom of each entry to see more.
    • In the bottom of each claim detail, click on “Explanation of Benefits (EOB)" to download a PDF for that claim.

How do I prepare for out-of-pocket expenses?

To help you get the most out of your money for dental, medical, pharmacy, vision, and dependent-care expenses, the University offers benefits-related savings and spending accounts to meet your needs. These accounts allow you to put aside money for eligible expenses, by payroll deduction, before taxes.

Visit the UVA Basic Health with Health Savings Account page (HSA) to learn more about the HSA that can be used for dental and other allowable expenses.

For information about UVA's medical (including dental) and dependent daycare flexible spending accounts (FSAs), visit the FSA page.


Who can I contact for help?

For questions about using the UVA Dental Plan, (claims, Explanations of Benefits (EOBs), and pre-authorizations), contact United Concordia:

United Concordia