Our HR BRAND Represents Who We Are

UVA HR Brand Collateral and Guidelines

Welcome to the UVA Human Resources' (UVA HR) Brand Collateral and Guidelines page. We have our own brand platform of distinct designs and messaging. Our brand aims to make a memorable impression on our customers through attractive and engaging design, and to grow positive perceptions of our expert service delivery as a result of listening to customer needs.

This page provides an overview of the brand platform, and serves as a resource to the HR team members. The page is divided into the following sections:

  • How to use and download branded materials on your own, and when to utilize HR Communications Team support
  • Templates to download such as powerpoint, letterhead, etc. 
  • How to use HR colors and fonts 
  • Overview of the HR brand elements - how design and messaging are implemented in communications and collateral

If you have questions on the below information, or need a collateral piece developed, please contact your COE Communications Specialist listed at right. 

    Download Templates

    You can use the following HR branded materials as needed by downloading from this webpage:

    • Powerpoint templates - HR or COE branded (download UVA fonts below for PPTs)
    • Letterhead - HR banner (primary blue/orange); COE branded Word doc letterhead
    • Stationery - UVA formal letterhead - print and digital customized to HR / COE 
    • Email signature - HR custom
    • Logos - HR and COE 

    NOTE: Clicking on the templates below will automatically download them to your computer. Look for them in your downloads folder.

    Logos - HR & COE

    We have several HR and COE specific logos for your use. Here are the three UVA HR logos. Below are similar logos designed specifically for the COEs. 

    Use the spelled out horizontal version of the logo (center) for formal reports and outwards facing presentation pieces. Use the same formal logo in the vertical design (right) when horizontal space is limited. You may also use the monogram logo (left) for internal presentations and less formal pieces such as announcements, newsletters, etc. 

    COE-specific logos are also available below which can be used instead of the HR logo.

    To download, click on the relevant section below and choose which configuration of logo suits your project. Please do not make any changes to these logos; see usage requirements below. 

    When to Contact HR Communications

    The HR Communications Team stands ready to work with you to design high-quality branded HR collateral pieces. Please contact your COE Communications Specialist listed at right if you are in need of the following (click on each to see an example):


    (Download for PowerPoints)

    UVA has preferred official fonts for use in presentations and collateral. Please use these fonts whenever possible especially for your PPT presentations. However, some organizations / conference organizers outside of UVA may not be able to download these fonts for your presentations. If that is the case, replace the Franklin Gothic font with Arial; the Adobe Caslon font with Palatino Linotype; and the Bodoni Std poster font with Bodoni MT or Rockwell (extra bold).

    Visit the UVA Brand Guidelines fonts page to request the three official UVA fonts to download onto your computer: 

    • Adobe Caslon
    • Franklin Gothic
    • Bodoni - for headlines and callouts

    Colors - HR and COE

    HR uses the UVA primary colors (orange and blue) and the secondary brand colors in the following way:

    • Rotunda Orange and Jefferson Blue - for general HR organization communications and collateral material, and external to UVA communications/presentations, i.e. non-COE specific

    • Cyan and Yellow - for Talent COE communications and collateral

    • Green and Yellow - for IMPACT COE communications and collateral

    • Magenta and Yellow - for Service COE communications and collateral

    HR Brand Design Elements

    Custom design builds credibility and brand recognition by creating a consistent visual language, providing an instant connection to our services and offerings. HR's primary design elements are as follows:

    • Energy Wave - denotes energy and forward movement; the employee's journey
    • Portraiture - focuses on UVA people at work
    • Bright Colors - elicits positive feelings; promotes engagement 
    • Background Gradient - softening / welcoming; focus on the person

    The Rotunda Orange and Jefferson Blue colors should be used on general HR communication materials. 

    The magenta, green and cyan colors represent specific Communities of Expertise and should be used for their respective communications.  

    Below are examples of how the energy wave and colors are applied in headers. 


    HR Brand Messaging

    The UVA HR Brand Messaging Strategy is to support our HR Customer Service Model. We do this through the purposeful, consistent expression of the HR brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate. Our brand voice is knowledgeable, dependable, and attentive. It is woven throughout our website content, communications, collateral, and social media. It is spoken by our Solution Center members, Business Partners, and all HR team members. 

    Our Brand Promise to our customers is this: 

    We Hear You. How Can We Help?

    We promise to proactively keep our community informed, while always listening to concerns and questions. UVA HR strives to address every question, provide opportunity for direct input, and inform service decisions with our customers in mind.

    We’re not a separate organization, we’re fully immersed and integrated in the University community. Customer needs are our needs. Their goals are our goals. How can we help?