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Weather or Emergency Event Status

What is My Weather or Emergency Event Status?

As a community, when we have an emergency we need to make informed decisions that maintain critical operations while keeping our colleagues and students safe. To that end, the University has created an “emergency event status” designation for employees to clarify who should come to work and who should stay home. Specifically, all employees in both the Academic Division and UVA Health have been given a status of either "designated" or "non-designated. The designation helps us respond more effectively during inclement weather and other emergencies, and helps employees and team members better understand what is expected of them in emergency situations.

If you work in the Academic Division, your emergency event status designation status is visible in Workday:

  • Navigate to Workday > Personal Information > View "About Me"
  • In the "Job Details" area on the right side of the page, click on your "Position"
  • In the "Additional Information" on the right side of the page, your "Additional Job Classifications" will show your emergency event status (designated or non-designated)
  • Managers can change designations in Workday by doing a "Change Job" and editing the details tab, or asking an HRMS specialist to do it

Medical Center employees can refer to Policy 510 regarding their designation.

In the event of an emergency, we encourage managers to keep designated employees who must work to a minimum helping to keep local traffic low for first responders. Designated employees who do work may need to alter habits, such as using parking garages rather than parking lots so lots can be cleared without obstruction.

For questions, check with your supervisor, your school or unit HR Business Partner, or the HR Solution Center at 434.243.3344 or AskHR@virginia.edu. In addition, you may find the links below helpful.