Current Employees

Current Employees

UVA provides a plethora of benefits and resources for our community members. To help find what you're looking for quickly, we have provided the most frequently searched topics below. If you don't see it here then check the full HR website. And of course the HR Solution Center is always here to help.


Depending on your employment status, you have the option to enroll in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS), Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), or Medical Center Retirement Program (MCRP). Through these programs, you also get benefits like life insurance, disability coverage, long-term care benefits, and survivor benefits.

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Paid Leave

View the UVA Holiday Calendar, review paid and unpaid leave policies, and read about our Family & Medical Leave policy.

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Employee Performance

Employee Performance Management is a collaborative, ongoing process between a manager and an employee to plan for, develop, and evaluate the employee’s work. You will establish tangible and measurable goals, conduct regular evaluations, and take part in regular talent development opportunities.

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About Wellness

We encourage all member of our community to participate in our comprehensive wellness program, which supports the physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing of our community.

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UVA Health Plan

You have up to 3 health plan options (depending on your employee type) – Basic, Value, or Choice Health – to meet your and your family's needs. Changes can be made during an Annual Enrollment period each October or after a major life change, like a change in marital status, an addition to the family, or a leave of absence.

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Immigration Services

UVA can help employees and managers navigate applicable federal and state laws and University policies and procedures as they relate to immigration.

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UVA Health Plan Ombudsman

The UVA Health Plan Ombudsman (not to be confused with University Ombuds) makes health plan information available and understandable for UVA employees. Your Ombudsman can answer questions about policies and benefits, help you direct your complaints and concerns, and more.

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Backup Care

Benefits-eligible employees have access to affordable, temporary care for themselves or for loved ones of any age, for situation caused by illness, school closures, and much more.

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Physical Wellness

We encourage you to develop a passion for a healthy lifestyle through enjoyable physical activity and good nutrition. In addition to creating its own programs, Hoo’s Well partners with UVA and the community to provide you all types of tools to improve your physical wellbeing. Many of these programs are free or offered at a reduced rate.

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Rewards and Recognition

In a partnership with the UVA Academic Division and the Health System, the UVA Discount Program provides you and your family with significant discounts and special offers from many of our local businesses.

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Entering Time & Submitting Leave For Approval

Non-exempt Staff (eligible for overtime) record hours worked and leave taken, exempt Staff (not eligible for overtime) record leave taken, and wage or temporary employees—including students—record hours worked.

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How To Take Leave

  1. Step 1

    Access your Workday Dashboard.

  2. Step 2

    Select "Time."

  1. Step 3

    Follow the prompts in Workday to complete your leave request and submit.

  2. Step 4

    Once approved, you will receive an inbox notification. If edits are required, it will populate as a task for you to complete in Workday.

Flu Shot Schedule

Get your free seasonal influenza vaccine, provided to all University faculty, staff, and team members, including temporary and wage employee.

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Life Changes

Making updates to your benefits package is usually reserved for Annual Enrollment, but many mid-year changes qualify for changes throughout the plan year. Learn more about these mid-year qualifying events.

  • Marriage or Divorce

    If you get married or divorced, you can change medical, dental, and vision benefits, including adding new dependent children. You can change contributions to your Health FSA and Dependent FSA. In addition, you can elect, increase, decrease, or drop group supplemental life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D). Any changes must be consistent with the Mid-Year Qualifying Event.

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  • Dependent Changes

    Dependent changes include adding a child (or children)from birth or adoption, switching coverage to your spouse’s plan, losing eligibility after a dependent turns a certain age, or death of a dependent. Such changes quality you to change medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as your Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Dependent FSA or group supplemental life insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.

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  • Prepare for Retirement

    To plan for retirement, consider when you would like to retire, and how many years of service you will have by that time. Ex.: if you have worked at UVA for 5 years, and are 65 years old, you will receive full benefits. If you choose to retire at 55 with 5 years of UVA work experience, your retirement benefits will be reduced.)

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  • Death in Family

    With the passing of your loved one, you may change your “Employee Plus Spouse or Family” coverage level to “Employee Only,” but you may not switch your coverage from Basic Health to Choice Health. Here is what you need to know and do:

    1. Initiate the process of removing your dependent(s) for your benefits package by contacting the UVA HR Solution Center by email at or by phone at 434.243.3344.
    2. Provide a copy of the death certificate to HR within 60 days.
    3. Tax Withholding – You may change your tax withholding due to removing a dependent.

    Academic Division employees – Enter through the Employee Benefits Self-Service portal, Benefits section. Medical Center employees – Enter through the KnowledgeLink to Employee Self-Service.

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  • Other Life Changes

    Other qualifying life changes include employment status changes of employee, dependent, or spouse which affects eligibility to participate in the employer’s health plan, commencement of or returning from an unpaid leave of absence, judgment, decree or order changing legal custody, and more. Changes to your coverage may only be related to the mid-year qualifying event.

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    Under a federal law called the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), you and your eligible covered dependents may continue your group health benefits when your coverage is lost due to a qualifying event.

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Work Breaks Policy

Work breaks or rest periods such as coffee breaks are privileges granted by department supervisors and:

  • Should not exceed 15 minutes in the first half of the eight-hour shift and 15 minutes in the second half of the shift
  • May be shortened or eliminated if work schedules do not permit them
  • Are intended as rest periods, and cannot be added to another break or used to extend lunch periods, offset lateness or early departure from work, or shorten the 40-hour work week
  • Are granted to part-time employees at the discretion of the supervisor, but generally should not be more frequent than one break per four-hour shift