Who We Are - UVA Human Resources

The UVA Human Resources Organization

UVA HR exists so that people, teams, and organizations can do their best work every day. Each member of UVA HR works in our organization because we care about helping our faculty, staff and team members. Whether it be benefits counseling through important life changes, recruiting more medical professionals to help team members with patient care, providing pipelines for our community members to join the UVA family or creating pathways for our employees to climb the career ladder, our goal is to provide the best possible support so we all work in a productive and positive environment. John Kosky, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

UVA HR Service Delivery Model

The UVA HR service delivery model represents how HR services are delivered to those we serve – you and those in the UVA community. This model keeps our customers at the center, setting you up for success and delivering consistent, exceptional service across the entire UVA organization. The HR service delivery model is organized into four service areas.

UVA HR Service Areas

UVA HR is organized into the Office of the CHRO, which includes Change Management, and four service areas - Service & Experience, Talent Development, HR Strategy, and UVA Health - all of which are described below.

  • Service & Experience

    Curates an excellent work experience across Grounds by recruiting top academic talent, delivering HR consultative services by the HR Solution Center and HR Business Partners, helping employees reach their full potential with a Total Rewards package, and ensuring they do their best work through people technology expertise. Leader - Adam Weikel, AVP

    Service & Experience
  • Talent Development

    Supports the heart of UVA – our people – to launch and flourish in their careers through professional and personal development, performance feedback, support through difficult times, rewarding and recognizing great work, and encouraging continuous learning. Leader - Shernita Rochelle, AVP

    Talent Development
  • HR Strategy

    Optimizes HR service delivery by providing top-tier HR data and analytics, communications and marketing, and international student support to our partners across Grounds. Performs expert project management and continuous improvement practices, HR financial operations, and multimedia services, so that the HR organization can do its best work. Leader – Julie Bird, AVP & Chief of Staff

    HR Strategy
  • HR for UVA Health

    Promotes the success of team members at UVA Health through recruiting the best people to UVA Health and delivering a positive employment experience through organizational coaching and collaboration, strategic planning, wellness and self-care empowerment, and community building. Leader – Karmen Fittes, Chief of HR

    HR for UVA Health