Hoos Well Receives 3 National Awards on Behalf of UVA

Hoos Well is honored to have received three national awards on behalf of UVA. In August, Hoos Well received the highest level of recognition on the Aetna Workplace Well-Being Award, which recognizes employers who have successfully created a healthier workplace for employees by providing effective well-being programs, tools, and resources. Soon after, and for the second consecutive year, Hoos Well was recognized by the Business Group on Health and the American Heart Association for taking an evidence-based approach to building a culture of health in the workplace.


These recent distinctions are a testament to Hoos Well’s commitment to excellence in fostering a culture of well-being for UVA employees, continually seeking to:

  • Provide evidence-based programs and resources that support physical, emotional, and financial well-being
  • Promote and encourage healthy lifestyle choices, to enhance employees’ quality of life
  • Build a happier and healthier work environment that empowers UVA faculty, staff and team members to excel and thrive

Hoos Well is guided by its comprehensive strategic plan, which is aligned with the latest research, industry best practices, and our University’s strategic goal to cultivate the most vibrant community in higher education.

In addition to earning awards and recognition, Hoos Well is gaining increased attention within the higher education community for its transdisciplinary initiatives and applied research activities – which are conducted in partnership with faculty and students from UVA’s Department of Public Health Sciences, as well as world-renowned researchers from other leading universities. These applied research activities have allowed Hoos Well to keep its programming relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of UVA employees, by capturing their insightful feedback and using it to inform the development and continuous improvement of well-being programs.

Despite an especially challenging 2020, Hoos Well is continuing to serve UVA employees and their families by helping them cope and maintain resilience during an unprecedented and prolonged crisis – including the delivery of several new virtual well-being programs and launching UVA’s virtual mindfulness community

The Hoos Well team is proud of these accomplishments and grateful to all those in the UVA community who support a culture of well-being among faculty, staff, and team members.

To learn more about Hoos Well and its well-being programs and resources, please explore the Hoos Well website.