Alignment Touchpoint & Self Appraisal

Alignment Touchpoint & Self Appraisal

If goals were written and approved by the manager, employees will receive an inbox task titled Self-Evaluation: Goal Alignment Touchpoint at the mid-point of the performance cycle.

  • Step-By-Step Guide: Alignment Touchpoint

    If goals were written and approved by your manager, you will receive an inbox task titled Self-Evaluation: Goal Alignment Touchpoint at the mid-point of the performance cycle.

    1. Login to Workday, click on your notification, and choose Go To Guided Editor. This job aid will use the Guided Editor approach.
    2. Click the edit icon or click directly on the goal you wish to edit.
    3. Use the Status dropdown to indicate progress. If No Longer Needed is selected, and the manager approves the documentation, the goal will not appear on the year-end self appraisal.
    4. ONLY Medical Center nurses will rate each goal with On Track or Off Track.
    5. Add notes to the Comment field that reflects the work and progress to reaching the goal.
    6. Click Next.
    7. In the Overall section, click the Edit icon.
    8. Click Rating and select an overall rating of On Track or Off Track and click Next
    9. Complete a final review and click Submit.

    The evaluation will be routed to your manager’s inbox for his/her input and subsequent discussion with you.

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  • Step-By-Step Guide: Self Appraisal

    Goals that were approved by the manager and cascaded goals, will appear on the Self-Evaluation: Year-End Appraisal which is delivered to the inbox near the end of the performance cycle.

    1. Click Go To Guided Editor.
    2. Click the edit icon or click on the goal you wish to edit. Only goals that were approved by your manager will appear on the evaluation.
    3. Scroll to the Rating area and select a self-rating value.
    4. Scroll to each goal and enter a Rating and Comments to support above or below average ratings.
    5. Click Next to move to the next section.
    6. Click on each value to self-rate. Medical Center team members will see the ASPIRE Values, and should click on the ASPIRE Summary section to enter comments to support above average ratings.
    7. Click Next.
    8. Requested Feedback can be viewed if you select Everyone when creating the request. Click on the number next to Employee Evaluation.
    9. Click Next.
    10. Click Add and then Attach to upload Supporting Documents to your self-evaluation. Then click Next.
    11. The Overall rating is calculated and displayed. Then click Next.

    Review the summary and click Submit. The self-evaluation will be routed to your manager. Once your manager completes the evaluation, she/he should schedule a face-to-face formal review.

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  • Employee Acknowledgment

    After you and your manager have conducted a formal review session, an inbox task will be sent to acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to discuss your performance evaluation. This acknowledgment does not imply your agreement or disagreement with the content of the evaluation, only that the discussion occurred.

    1. From your inbox, click on the Provide Employee Review Comments Manager Evaluation
    2. Click in the Acknowledge section.
    3. Click in the Employee Acknowledgment field and select Acknowledge.
    4. Click the Save button or click outside the field.
    5. Scroll through the appraisal for a final review. Optional: Input a comment.
    6. Click Submit, then click Done.
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