Allied Health at UVA

Allied Health

Allied Health at UVA

As an Allied Health professional at UVA, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to patient care plan development and implementation, participate in clinical research and explore the diverse care settings that UVA Health offers.

  • Medical Laboratories

    As an academic medical center, we perform many tests in-house that other hospitals send out to reference laboratories, such as flow cytometry, allergy testing, blood cell differentials by automated imaging and many special stains in histology to aid in diagnosis of malignancies. Equally interesting, we have several unique, testing specialized areas, including:

    • Cytogenics Laboratory: State-of-the-art techniques for chromosome analysis, including FISH testing
    • Cytotherapy Laboratory: Oversees the processing, storage and characterization of cellular therapy products for stem cell transplants. Potential product sources include: apheresis, bone marrow, or cord blood.
    • Genomics: State-of-the-art laboratory employing TruSight Tumor Next Generation Sequencing to evaluate 26 specific genes associated with lung and colorectal malignancies and TruSight Myeloid Next Generation Sequencing to evaluate 54 specific genes associated with hematologic malignancies in the AML to MDS continuum.
    • Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory: Part of the Microbiology Department, the molecular diagnostics lab performs a large number of PCR-based tests for infectious disease along with tests for genetic mutations such as cystic fibrosis
    • Toxicology Laboratory: An innovative lab employing mass spectrometry and other techniques to test for immunosuppressive drugs, drugs of abuse and anabolic steroids.
    • Anatomic Pathology Laboratories: Divided into Surgical Pathology and Cytology, these labs diagnose diseases and malignancies on tissue and fluid specimens utilizing immunohistochemical and enzyme histochemistry stains, immunofluorescence, ISH, FISH and electron microscopy.
  • Pharmacy

    At UVA Health, you'll work with skilled, dedicated Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and other supportive roles across a variety of settings spanning the health system including acute care, infusion, ambulatory clinic and retail, specialty, and post-acute care practice settings.  Our department of pharmacy provides pharmaceutical care to the Commonwealth of Virginia via our main academic medical center pharmacy, 2 post-acute care hospitals, 7 integrated retail pharmacies, established clinical services in ambulatory clinics, growing investigational drug services, dedicated services to our Children’s Hospital and clinics, nationally accredited specialty pharmacy, integrated patient assistance program to support patient access to medications, and infusion pharmacy services across our region.  Our pharmacy teams work closely in collaboration with renowned medical teams to provide pharmacotherapeutic care for patients with a wide variety of disorders and specialty care needs. Collecting, synthesizing and interpreting relevant information about patients' diseases and drug therapies, our pharmacists define and prioritize all actual and drug-related problems. Our pharmacy technician teams work in a variety of advanced roles including supporting supply chain and utilization, technician check technician in our acute care settings, and patient assistance.  

    As a professional at an academic medical center with partnerships with local schools of pharmacy and technician training programs, you'll also have the chance to teach and train new pharmacists, residents, students, and technician trainees including those in our variety of residency programs. With a department with such diverse opportunities, perhaps most unique is the reward of gaining increased autonomy and growing recognition for your accomplishments through continuous professional development and growth.

  • Radiation Oncology

    UVA is a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center. Recently ranked as one of the top Cancer Centers in the country, our center employs an integrated team of cancer specialists.

    Here, you'll utilize emerging technology, work with the country's leading Oncologists and provide consultation and treatment to patients. If joining a Cancer Center renowned for its employees' ingenuity, empathy, perception and more interests you, we invite you to apply for positions.

  • Radiology

    UVA Radiology professionals enjoy a dynamic, collaborative environment that rewards your commitment with growth opportunities and skill development. Our interdisciplinary practice environment enhances your technical knowledge and abilities in a variety of treatment modalities, including diagnostic, interventional, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and CT scan. You'll also coordinate and provide direct care and comprehensive education for patients and their families on their course of radiological treatments, for patients from infant to geriatric adult.

    Driven to succeed, our Radiology professionals rise to the challenges of our fast-paced environment rich in advanced imaging technology and technical innovation.

  • Social Work

    UVA Social Workers enjoy great diversity in their roles, from counseling, psychosocial evaluation and case management to serving as the hub for patient services. As part of a multidisciplinary team, Social Workers perform numerous functions to help patients obtain the services they need to make living with an acute or chronic illness or with a disability easier.

    You will assist patients and their families with discharge planning, assessing for abuse, neglect or exploitation, and making community referrals for resources and support programs.

  • Rehab Services

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapists at UVA work with both adult and pediatric populations within UVA Health in a variety of settings, including inpatient adult, acute pediatrics and inpatient rehabilitation at the UVA Children's Hospital.

    Here, we encourage your professional development, offering a four-level clinical career ladder. Our services emphasize disability prevention, restoration to maximum potential and continued wellness.

    Physical Therapy

    Our Physical Therapists are a dynamic group of licensed professionals dedicated to the preservation, development and restoration of optimal physical function in both the adult and pediatric populations.

    As a Physical Therapist at UVA, you're part of an interdisciplinary patient care team in an academic, evidence-based setting. We offer a four-level clinical career ladder so you can expand your skills.

    Speech Language Pathology

    UVA Speech Language Pathologists provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for pediatric and adult patients with a wide variety of communication and swallowing disorders.

    Our services are available in outpatient, rehabilitation and acute-care inpatient settings. Here, our four-level clinical career ladder gives you room to expand your career.

  • Respiratory Therapy & Sleep Technology

    Respiratory Therapy

    UVA Respiratory Therapists enjoy a collaborative environment in which the multidisciplinary healthcare team values and seeks input from all members.

    You'll have autonomy of practice that will make it possible to both assess your patient's needs and develop an appropriate care plan in conjunction with other team members.

    Utilizing innovative technology and the most advanced therapeutic interventions and procedures, you'll be challenged to expand your skills in acute, critical and diagnostic areas while experiencing invaluable professional development.

    Sleep Technology

    Sleep Technologists and technicians working in UVA's Sleep Disorders Center (SDC) study adult and pediatric patients referred from the Sleep, Pulmonary, Neurology and Behavioral Medicine services to UVA's eight-bed sleep lab.

    The Sleep Technologists work collaboratively with the SDC Physicians and Nurse Practitioners to study patients, independently score studies and provide patient and family education regarding therapeutic interventions.

    The interdisciplinary practice of UVA's AASM-accredited SDC provides the opportunity to work with a broad patient population, enhancing your professional practice.

  • Additional allied health & healthcare specialist positions

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