UVA Medical Center Recruiter Directory

UVA Medical Center Recruiter Directory

The UVA Medical Center Recruitment Department is split into two teams. One focusing on Nursing and Nursing Support, the other on Allied Heath, Leadership, Professional positions and other support roles. This directory will help you determine the right Recruiting Consultant based on the type of position you are looking for fill.

Please note, areas of support may change as needed. Please bookmark this page to reference up-to-date recruiter information.

Nursing and Healthcare Specialist Teams

Melynda Zarzyski - Talent Acquisition Manager, Nursing and Healthcare Specialists

  • Nurse Recruitment Team


    Ciara Zacrep - HR Recruiting Consultant

    Home Health / Case Management / GI/Abdominal Surgical / Inpatient Behavioral Health / Wound Ostomy Continence / Neurosurgery & Spine Center / Neurology Epilepsy Stroke / Acute Ventilator Specialty / Acute Orthopedic & Trauma / Acute General Medicine / Acute Trauma Surgical / WOC

    Teri Moon - HR Recruiting Consultant

    Advanced Practice Providers - Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant / Certified RN Anesthetist (CRNA)

    Renee Bounds - Senior Recruiting Consultant & R​​​N Team Lead

    Cardiology / Inpatient Renal/Dialysis / Emergency Department / Staffing Resource Office / Adult ICUs (MICU, NNICU, NIMU, STICU, SIMU, TCVICU) / Clinical Nurse Leaders

    Allyson Monahan - HR Recruiting Consultant

    Perioperative Services / Perianesthesia / Operating Room / Radiology / Interventional Radiology/ Cath Lab / Electrophysiology / Cardiac Transition Unit

    Ashlyn Trant - HR Recruiting Consultant

    Women's & Children's / Children's Endo GI / Oncology / Infusion / Emily Couric Cancer Center

    Balone Thompson - HR Recruiting Consultant

    New Graduate Registered Nurses - all areas / Digestive Health / Endoscopy / Infection Prevention  

    Corinne Lascala - HR Recruiting Consultant

    Internal Travelers - all areas

    Raquel Cross - Senior Recruiting Consultant & Team Lead

    External Travelers - all areas

    Kristin Grimes - Recruiting Coordinator

  • Healthcare Specialist Team

    Specialty Techs - Surgical / Anesthesia / Sterile Processing / Cardiology and Outpatient/Ambulatory Nursing Support- Patient Care Technicians (PCT- Dialysis) / Patient Services Assistant (PSA)

    Jessica O'Brian - Recruiting Consultant

    Inpatient Nursing Support - Medical Assistants / Patient Care Technicians / Certified Nurse Assistants

    Marcus Bledsoe - Recruiting Consultant

    Ambulatory Nursing Support - Medical Assistants / Certified Nurse Assistants

    Nicholas Patler - Recruiting Consultant

    Emergency Services - Paramedics / Medic V / Life Support Learning Center / Poison Control

    Tessa Jackson - Recruiting Consultant

Professional and Allied Health Teams

Kelly Riley - Talent Acquisition Manager, Professional and Allied Health Teams

  • Allied Health Team


    Kimberly Weirich - Senior Recruiting Consultant & Team Lead

    Respiratory Therapy / Medical Labs / Phlebotomy

    AnneMarie Richardson - Recruiting Consultant

    Chaplaincy / Home Health Therapies / Pharmacy / Rehabilitation Services

    Kyle Robinson - Recruiting Consultant

  • Professional Team

    Management / Executive / Marketing

    Michael du Laney - Senior Recruiting Consultant & Professional Team Lead

    Finance / Supply / Linen Distribution 

    Thomas Gaskins - Recruiting Consultant

    IT / Telemedicine / Quality & Performance Improvement / Social Work / Discharge Planning

     Lyndsay Tolbert Thaxton - Recruiting Consultant

    Hospitality & Support Services / Administrative Assistants / Health Unit Coordinators / Patient Transportation

    Vybhava Vijayabhaskar - Recruiting Consultant

    Patient Friendly Access / Contact Center

    Milencia Pankey - Recruiting Consultant

  • UPG Support Team

    UPG - All Staff (excluding Providers) 

    Tina Rosson - Recruiting Consultant

UVA Medical Center Recruiting Coordinators