Responses to COVID - Academic Division

COVID Procedures for Employee & Manager - Academic Div.

The following explains what to do when an employee in the Academic Division exhibits COVID Symptoms or tests positive.

This process is for all Academic Division employees who follow SEC-045 (faculty and staff, wage and temp workers, part-time and full-time). This process does not apply to faculty and staff in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, the University Physicians Group, and the Claude Moore Health System Library, who are governed by OCH-002: Occupational Health Screening and Maintenance. That process is on the UVA Health HR COVID webpage

COVID Symptoms and Exposure

1. If you are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms please isolate and maintain focus on taking care of yourself. You should also get tested by consulting a healthcare provider, or contacting Employee Health

2. Alert your manager. If on Grounds, go home immediately.

3. If you are exposed, consult the CDC’s guidance on What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19.

Test Positive - Employee and Manager Guidance

1. If you test positive for COVID-19, consult the CDC’s guidance on Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19. 

2. Notify your contacts of your positive COVID-19 status.

3. Notify your manager. You may take leave during the recommended isolation/quarantine period.  There are no special leave options for COVID-19 at this time.


1. Work with your employee to take leave while they are sick or to meet the recommended isolation/quarantine timelines. There are no special leave options for COVID-19 at this time.

2. Do not notify coworkers, that is the employee’s responsibility as part of notifying contacts (# 2 above).

Student Worker

1. If you have COVID symptoms or test positive, follow guidance on the Student Health and Wellness website: and this infographic.

2. Contact your manager and advise them of the situation. Student Health does not contact student worker's manager, that is the responsibility of the student.