Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Events

Weather or Emergency Event Status FAQs

Designated versus Non-Designated

All employees at the University and Medical Center can be designated or non-designated, including faculty and wage staff.

If you are designated, you are considered a “first responder” to maintain or restore critical operations during emergency events. You are expected to come in to work unless your manager expressly notifies you otherwise. It is your manager’s responsibility to identify designated employees and communicate that status. 

An example of a designated employee, is someone in student affairs. If there is a serious winter storm and classes are in session, some student affairs staff are designated and are expected to come to work. If there is a serious storm and we are on winter break, that same set of employees are not designated. This type of designation may also depend on the type of emergency.

Designated status does not apply to events that occur over Academic Division holidays. Benefited employees who are required to work over the holiday, will receive holiday pay, in addition to either accrued leave or pay for time worked. 

It is your manager’s responsibility to designate you, if you have ANY question whatsoever, you should ask your manager about the reason for the designation. 

  • How can I find my designated status?

    If you work in the Academic Division, your emergency event status designation status is visible in Workday:

    • Navigate to Workday > Personal Information > View "About Me"
    • In the "Job Details" area on the right side of the page, click on your "Position"
    • In the "Additional Information" on the right side of the page, your "Additional Job Classifications" will show your emergency event status (designated or non-designated)
    • Managers can change designations in Workday by doing a "Change Job" and editing the details tab, or asking an HRMS specialist to do it

    University Medical Center team members can refer to the Modified Operations Medical Center policy regarding their designation.

  • I am not designated, Should I come to work?

    If you are non-designated, you are expected to stay home during serious weather or emergency events, even if you are able to make it in to work, unless you manager expressly notifies you otherwise. If you are able to work remotely, you should do so. Be prepared to work from home if a storm is coming that may require agency closing or a modified schedule. You would record time worked as usual. 

  • I am designated, but I don’t understand why. What should I do?

    Check with your supervisor, and follow their direction. 

  • I see my designation in Workday. How can I change it?

    Employees cannot change their own designation. Managers can do it through Workday. It is important that the designations be kept up to date as employees change jobs or take on new responsibilities.

    Managers should review the designation status of employees newly hired into their department to confirm the employee's designation is correct. 

  • I am a manager/supervisor. How can I change my employee’s designation?

    Managers can change designations in Workday. Individual schools or units may set a deadline so that they can ensure readiness as the winter season approaches. There is no system-mandated deadline. Designation can be changed as needed, but the employee/s must be informed in advance. 

    All employees are pre-populated as non-designated. To change that to “designated” a manager must actively make the change. Managers must do this for each designated employee. 

    Managers should review the designation status of employees newly hired into their department to confirm the employee's designation is correct. 

    To Change Designation status for an employee:

    1. Enter Change Job in the Workday global search.
    2. From the Worker prompt, select My Team>name of worker.
    3. If applicable, select the Job you wish to change.
    4. Click OK
    5. Click on the When do you want this change to take effect? Edit the date as needed.
    6. Choose Data Change>Change Emergency Event Status in the Why are you making this change? field.
    7. Click Start.

    On the Details tab:

    1. Click in the Job Classification section.
    2. Enter the new value for the Emergency Event Status in the search field and click enter. Deselect the old value.
    3. Select Save.
    4. Click Next.

    On the Summary tab:

    1. Review the changes.
    2. Click Submit.


  • As a manager, can I see everyone's designation in my organization, perhaps in a report?

    Yes, managers can run an Emergency Event Status report from Workday for their employees that specifies who are designated vs. non-designated. 

    • In Workday, using the search feature, search for "emergency event status," and click on it
    • Input the effective date
    • For the department, put in a key word for your department; e.g.: "Economics"
    • Select your department, starting with letters "ACD" that matches your department name (e.g. ACD-31750 AS-Economics)
    • Click OK
    • Depending on your screen size, you may need to scroll to the right to see the Job Classifications-Position column, which shows designation status