Emergency Support Services

Emergency Support Services for Faculty, Staff, Team Members

Dear UVA Faculty, Staff and Team Members,

The senseless tragedy that has occurred at our beloved University is heartbreaking. As we process and cope with the tragic news, some of us may want to reach out to a professional counselor or other support services. 

The UVA Faculty & Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) is available to those seeking support. FEAP provides confidential trauma counseling and crisis support services to all members of our community in the following ways: 

Virtual 1:1 and Group Sessions

If you would like to meet in a virtual and confidential 1:1 same day session, you may arrange that by calling FEAP at 434.243.2643.

Onsite In-Person Support

FEAP counselors will be available on Grounds for in-person consultations. 

  • Please check back for updated information.

Online Resources

There are many different types of support resources available online to assist you.  Those resources can be found on the FEAP for You website. We encourage you to review these resources. 

For Managers and Supervisors

FEAP counselors can assist with employee emotional, behavioral, and mental health concerns, including requests for critical incident response. FEAP also can attend team meetings to provide information about FEAP support for faculty and staff. Leaders interested in scheduling a group critical incident debriefing session may contact FEAP’s Crisis and Care Coordinator at 434.955.8305.

For Mental Health Emergencies

  • Call 434.230.9704 (regional crisis line)
  • Dial 988 (national number)

Please do not hesitate to reach out to FEAP as we are here to help and to support you.  You can also visit hr.virginia.edu to stay apprised of the latest news related to counseling support.

John Kosky
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer