Situational Leadership Preview (Virtual)

Leading situationally is a dramatic departure from management styles of the past.

And it’s an approach that produces dramatically better returns than other management styles.

Research shows that employees need different levels of direction and support depending on their level of competence and commitment. But most managers use only one leadership style—and the results are costly: turnover, disengagement, diminished productivity, missed opportunities, and more. SLII®, the most widely used leadership training program in the world, teaches leaders how to build meaningful connections with coworkers that create exponential impact. When this happens, employees are more productive and engaged. And their organizations excel. In this preview we will review the four stages of Situational Leadership for an employee and leader, and resources you can take back to your teams!

The Situational Leadership program is 16 hours. There are two 2024 cohorts in May and October/November this year!

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