Nomination Process

  • There are 30 spots in the program. Candidates are nominated by Vice Presidents and Deans.
  • The program kicks off in September and lasts 12 months.
  • The program requires approximately eight hours of participation each month, on average.
  • Complete and submit this nomination form.
  • Once selected, nominees will be asked to submit a résumé / CV and a statement of interest.

Things To Consider

This program is a year-long leadership cohort designed to enhance competencies that are common to positions which supervise teams or departments as well as those with a broad span of control.

Availability and commitment to attend all sessions. Program schedule will be shared with selected participants no later by August. 

High-potential candidates are those who demonstrate leadership and management qualifications that suggest future senior leadership potential.

A diverse cohort means a richer experience for the participants. We welcome nominations of senior leaders to mid-level managers to new managers and individual contributors across Grounds. Consider diversity in all aspects when making your nomination, in addition to the diverse skillsets a candidate may contribute to the program's overall learning experience.

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