U Make A Difference!

Mary VoelmleElyse Marriner, RNAnanda Basu, MD

UVA Human Resources, on behalf of UVA Health, would like to recognize Mary Voelmle, Elyse Marriner and Ananda Basu, MD for the outstanding customer service provided to our patients. UVA Health team members are committed to delivering the highest level of care and service to all patients, and we are especially proud of how these team members are going above and beyond throughout our COVID-19 response. It is always rewarding to receive the direct feedback from a patient that highlights the exceptional care they received. Please see below just how these team members made a difference for this patient.

In an earlier time, those who provided services of any sort to clients and customers took great personal pride in offering something called ‘customer service’ along with a particular product. Doing so was a matter of personal pride and a matter of pride in the organization represented. It was simply a matter of course that a client/customer would be treated with consummate respect, care, concern and courtesy…not to mention professional excellence in the service rendered. Generosity of time, patience, knowledge and expertise: these were assumed in the provider and always expected by a client /customer. Rarely was a client disappointed. Customer service was just a given.

In general, I think those days are long past. ‘Customer service’ is a term that tumbles easily from the lips but actually means very little in our time. Surely, there are a few exceptions to this generalization, but I suspect only a few.

Medical patients with diabetes are almost certainly a special type of client with many needs which can be challenging to meet. After all, there is for us only a thin line between hope and crushing fear. Going to the Doctor is not like going to have one’s car washed.

Fortunately for me, you and your associates there on Pantops genuinely understand what I am trying to say. You personally have been most gracious to me. Despite her young years, Mary Voelmle is one of those special people who reflect that distant, past tradition of service in helping those in need. She understands it. Mary has so generously guided me through the various steps of T Slim:x2 insulin pump therapy all the way to the ‘Control IQ’ program. My debt to her is difficult to measure. Very difficult indeed. I want to thank you for your leadership, Dr. Basu. Motivating a team flows from the top. I want to thank and recognize Elyse Marriner for standing-in so enthusiastically and encouragingly to help me while Mary was off-site for a time.

May the light, the life and the love that are at the heart of all there at UVA who labor against the “Big D." You do honor to UVA Endocrinology.

--Grateful Patient

Mary, Elyse and Dr. Basu, thank you for all that you do for our patients and families.

You truly make a difference.