HR Solution Center

HR Solution Center


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The HR Solution Center serves as the resource center for Human Resource needs across the University of Virginia. It is a one-stop, comprehensive resource providing consistent HR information and solutions while delivering an exceptional experience for faculty, staff, and team members.

Service Offerings:

HR Inquiry & Case Management

The foundation of the HR Solution Center. A one-stop, comprehensive resource available to all UVA colleagues for answers to common HR questions, issues and situations such as time & attendance, payroll, benefits & wellness, leave/PTO, recruitment, education & tuition assistance, employee relations, ad more.

HR Records Management

Manages the overall administrative process of protecting, maintaining and disposing of records related to employment including licensure compliance. Ensures that the employment records of our faculty, staff and team members are accurate and confidential.

Candidate Experience, Pre-boarding and On-boarding Support

Manages the administrative hiring process and provides a single point of contact for candidates and hiring managers from the employment offer to Day 1, with the objective of providing an exceptional experience to each new hire and hiring manager.

Benefits & Leave of Absence Consulting and Support

Offers a range of services from consulting on benefit and retirement questions, to the coordination of short-term disability and return to work. Effective benefit and LOA support provides a knowledgeable, experienced group of HR professionals who ensure compliance and privacy throughout the process.

HR Transaction Support

Provides updates and maintains all employment data for faculty, staff and team members during their employment at UVA. Maintaining accurate employment data provides HR professionals with reliable, accurate and timely employment information.

Payroll & Timekeeping Support

In collaboration with UVA Payroll, identifies and resolves payroll and timekeeping issues. Our highly skilled payroll team aims to run perfect payroll each cycle, but when an issue occurs, this unit is able to accurately identify and quickly resolve payroll and timekeeping issues.


Key Outcomes of Our Work

  • Majority of inquiries resolved in the first interaction
  • Reduced time to resolve complex inquiries
  • Decreased HR/payroll transaction error rate
  • Supported self-service adoption
  • Exceptional customer experience delivered, resulting in high customer satisfaction