Meet Ashley Scruggs, FM Programs and Informatics

Meet Ashley Scruggs

Ashley Scruggs works as a Facilities Services Coordinator with Programs and Informatics, a department within Facilities Management. She updates customer data, maintenance call sheets, property/building numbers, and outage requests via the Veoci system; all of this information contributes to the department’s ability to help customers in a more efficient manner.

Ashley ScruggsThis spotlight story on Ashley acknowledges the excellence she brings to her work, to her department, and as the first point of contact for the many customers she serves every day.

From Joseph Brinson, HVAC Mechanic, Facilities Management:

I just wanted to contact someone that could recognize Ashley Scruggs for going above and beyond with helping employees with day-to-day issues and with just being overall extremely helpful. I recently needed help with paperwork and was having a rough time figuring out how to send and properly fill out documents. Without Ashley’s help I would have never been able to complete my tasks.

From Stanley Speed, Sr., Customer Service Supervisor:

Ashley embodies a "customer-centric" philosophy. Since reporting onboard to Facilities three and half years ago, Ashley has grown exceptionally in her customer service position, which is evidenced by her being highlighted here. A total team player, Ashley is always willing to lend a hand! When you come through the door at the customer service desk it is Ashley’s smiling face that you will see, always willing to help and to brighten your day!

A little about Ashley:

  • My favorite thing to do is spending time with my amazing 13 year-old son, he keeps my world lit up!
  • At this time I am attending Liberty University Online, pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
  • What I love about customer service is the opportunity to meet new people daily as well as the rewarding feeling of helping them. Keeping a positive attitude comes easy here at the Service Desk, with our awesome team and customers! Being able to help customers who need a helping hand and ensure that their experience is positive keeps a smile on my face.
  • Our FM employees are essential to the Service Desk. When we need an employee to assist a customer on Grounds, they are always a phone call away and happy to assist. When employees come to the Service Desk with any issue or need, we are quickly ready to help.

I hope that our employees feel satisfaction, a good connection, and a positive feeling about their experience from the FM Service Desk when they leave! 

Ashley Scruggs at work