Meet Lillie Dunbar, UVA Health Phlebotomist

"Do unto others as you would have them do onto you."

Lillie Dunbar is a retiree who retired in 2013 yet came back to work at UVA, where she has served for 52 years in the Medical Lab. Currently at the Northridge Phlebotomy lab, she says, "I love my job, people I work with, and my patients. I enjoy giving great customer service to all my patients because I care. Working in this kind of job, you need to live by the golden rule, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'"

Lillie Dunbar, UVA Health PhlebotomistOne of Lillie's patients was so moved by her experience of Lillie that she wrote to UVA Health about her: 

I had the great good fortune to meet Ms. Lillie Dunbar at the Northridge laboratory today. She's the ideal representative of the caring services of the UVA medical team, with her friendly, knowledgeable, and kind manner. Then in trying to find how to leave a compliment, I discovered her name on the list of honored long-term employees (52 years)! UVA is certainly lucky to have had her all these years. Ms. Dunbar made my morning. Thanks!

Her supervisor, Jessica Monroe, also had this to say about Lillie:

Lillie is an amazing person, always offering assistance to her patients, making them feel comfortable during their lab procedure and giving them her fullest attention no matter what the conversations consist of.
I have worked with Lillie for many years and she has always placed her patients first and goes above and beyond to meet their needs or offer assistance with concerns outside of their lab visit. Lillie is the same way with her coworkers; when she notices the schedule is short, she often calls to cover a shift if needed so that the team is not left short-handed. Lillie goes out of her way to make life beautiful for her patients, coworkers, family and friends.