UVA HR Virtual Assistant Information

UVA Human Resources Virtual Assistant

UVA HR has a new service for employees!

The Virtual Assistant (VA) / upgraded chat function, is an artificial intelligence (AI) interface located on the HR website that provides users with the information they seek on demand. The Assistant helps UVA employees, prospective employees, and anyone who visits the HR website.

In addition to the live personalized service provided by the HR Solution Center, the Virtual Assistant is another way to have your questions answered, but at anytime day or night at your convenience. Employees will continue to have the same live inquiry agent service and access as before, and you can always connect directly through AskHR@virginia.edu or by telephone.  Adding the VA to answer some questions allows inquiry agents more valuable time to spend assisting customers with complex issues. 

Benefits of the HR Virtual Assistant for UVA employees are:

  • Speed: Get your questions answered immediately – no waiting.
  • Access: Information is available all the time, whenever you want it - 24/7/365.
  • Service: Connect with a live agent if you need more information or wish to discuss in person.
  • Convenience: If after business hours and a live agent is not available, leave your question with the VA and it will send it to an agent who will provide you an answer the following business day or soon thereafter. 

How It Works

When a user types a question into the Virtual Assistant interface it provides the answer – or a list of possible answers – by searching the content on the UVA HR and Payroll webpages. NOTE: For security purposes, it does not search Workday or pages behind Netbadge. The VA also offers users the option to speak directly with an HR Solution Center inquiry agent. 

Virtual Assistants (or chatbots) use an algorithm built on a machine-learning platform, meaning that with every new interaction, the VA learns more and its responses improve. As a result, it will not know answers to all questions immediately; it will take some time to learn all of the content on the websites. Virtual Assistants are commonly used in many industry sectors, but they are still relatively new in higher education – another way that UVA HR is leading the way!

Interacting with the Virtual Assistant

The following is guidance on how to best interact with the VA to receive the service you need. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact AskHR@virginia.edu. 

  • Asking a Question, Receiving an Answer

    Ask the VA a question, receive an answer and related information:

    • Click on the orange “Ask UVA HR” tab at the bottom right of the homepage.
    • The VA box will pop up; read the “Welcome to UVA HR” introduction.
    • Type your question in the grey field across the bottom.
    • The answer appears, or a list of possible correct answers.
    • The VA offers nudges / related information to the question (see info below)
    • It also provides the reference webpage link along with answers (see info below)
    • NOTE: It does not provide information within Workday or webpages behind Netbadge for security purposes. 


    What is a nudge?

    When the VA finds an answer, it also suggests related topics to explore – these are nudges. In the picture below, the user asked a question on Benefits and the bot gave an answer on benefits, as well as “Related Information” on electing benefits.














    Where to find related detail on the website

    The bot is providing answers by searching the HR and Payroll websites. Every answer has a GLOBE icon displayed that takes you to the source of the answer on the website. It is located next to the thumbs up/down (see below). 










  • Evaluating the Answer, Providing Feedback

    The VA includes thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons for you to provide feedback on the answer if you wish. Click thumbs-up if the answer is satisfactory. Click thumbs-down if the answer is not satisfactory, and a comment box will appear. Please provide information as to why the answer is not satisfactory by clicking the appropriate response box and adding a comment. This information is very important in helping the VA learn so it can provide correct answers and better service over time. 

    feedback icon













  • Transferring to a Solution Center Inquiry Agent

    If an inquiry agent is online the agent icon will be green. If all agents are offline (such as after hours) the agent icon will be red. The VA prompts with an option to connect to live agent when it is not sure of an answer. Alternatively, you can ask the VA “I want to connect to an agent” if you are not getting the information you seek. You will then chat with an inquiry team member by typing your Q&A conversation through the VA. If agents are offline, then you may click on the red agent icon and record your question which will be answered by an inquiry agent the following business day or soon thereafter. 

    HR agent icon