Education Benefits

UVA Education Benefits Program

UVA encourages employees to continue their education. The University’s Cornerstone Plan guides us to “invest in employees to foster a culture of excellence and achievement." The Education Benefit Program puts that belief into practice to help you reach your educational and professional goals. As a Medical Center team member, you can earn a degree, take a review course for professional certification, or earn a professional certification from an accredited institution. As an Academic Division employee, you can earn a degree or professional certificate from an accredited institution, take continuing education courses, and attend a conference related to your work. The Education Benefit enables you to do these things by providing financial support.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for 2021 benefits is December 10th at 5pm. All education benefits funds approved will count towards your 2021 education benefit.


  • Academic Division Employees (includes UVA Wise, SOM, and SON)

    To be eligible for education benefits, you must:

    • Be a full-time or part-time (20+ hours) benefits-eligible employee (Classified Staff, University Staff, Faculty, and Professional Research Staff).
    • Have had one year of service in a benefits-eligible position at UVA by the start date of the class, with the intent to remain on the active payroll during the entire term of the class. Eligible service time for this benefit does not include employment at previous state agencies, temp, or wage employment.

    Temporary, wage, and other non-benefitted employees are ineligible for the Education Benefit.

    If attending a conference or event, you must receive CEUs, certification credits, or the conference must be directly related to your position.

    Course Eligibility

    A course is eligible if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

    • Applies to conference fees that are directly related to your position at UVA 
    • For-credit courses, working towards a degree or certificate program at an accredited institution 

    Non-eligible programs or expenses include:

    • Subscriptions to learning services/sites
    • Books
    • Certification exams
    • Course materials
    • Food
    • Games
    • Hobbies
    • Lodging
    • Management/leadership development programs
    • Personal enrichment courses
    • Private consultant refresher courses to take examinations
    • Seminars
    • Special examinations for admission to degree programs
    • Sports
    • Travel
    • Workshop
    • Courses related to mindfulness, yoga, and other similar-related topics could be supported by Hoos Well or other vendors
  • Medical Center Team Members

    To be eligible for education benefits, you must be a full or part-time employee (20+ hours/week), flex staff, or management team member who has completed 6 consecutive months of employment with the Medical Center or Academic Division (waived for RN Clinician I) prior to the beginning of your course. You must be in good standing at the time the educational assistance request is submitted.

    Your professional certification must be of value/benefit to the Medical Center, as determined by your department manager. A third party, standard-setting organization that has an assessment process with on-going requirements to maintain certification must confirm your mastery or competency awarded.

    Unit-based and Medical Center Pool team members are not eligible.

    Course Eligibility

    A course is eligible if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

    • Academic credit course offered by an accredited school leading to an Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree
    • Review course for a professional certification approved by the team member's department
    • English as a Second Language (ESL), literacy and related classes
    • Lean and related classes
    • Eligible courses taken for a grade or credit must be completed with a grade of C- or better for undergraduate courses or a B- or better for graduate courses. Documentation of "pass" is required for non-graded courses.

    Non-eligible programs or expenses include:

    • Activity fees
    • Book fees
    • Expenses paid by other sources (e.g. scholarships, grants)

Benefit Levels

  • Academic Division Employees

    The program offers two options - Tuition Benefit or Professional Development Benefit, described below. 

    Beginning July, 2021: A maximum of $5,250 is available for use between the two benefits per calendar year.

    Tuition Benefit

    The Tuition Benefit is applied to for-credit coursework toward a degree or academic certificate program. Coursework must be completed at an accredited educational provider (see Forms section below for list of accredited schools). Tuition is calculated using in-state tuition rates (where applicable), regardless of your residency status, and is based on the current tuition rate at the time of your request.

    Up to the full $5,250 may be used for tuition toward a degree seeking program.

    Professional Development Benefit

    The Professional Development Benefit is available for use on job or career-growth related offerings relevant to your current job. The offerings must be provided or sponsored by a recognized provider of professional development experiences.

    Up to $2,000 may be used for professional development, including classes, certification training, and conferences. This leaves $3,250 to be used toward the Tuition Benefit if you also choose to pursue a degree or certificate program.

    Departments may choose to offer additional educational benefits through departmental funding. With approval, you would submit the School/Unit/Department funding request and provide both the PTAO of the School/Unit/Department and your supervisor's computing ID.

    Requests can only be approved within a quarter of the start date (ex: January requests can cover course start dates from Oct of the previous year to April of the current year).


    Ed Benefits chart

    1. Itemized invoice and proof of payment required
    2. Proof of passing grade required within 30 days of completion
    3. Proof of certificate required within 30 days of completion
    4. Proof of attendance required within 30 days of completion
    5. Proof of completion required within 30 days of completion
    6. Written statement explaining job relation required



  • Medical Center Team Members

    Course Benefit

    • Team Members receive up to $2,000 per calendar year for eligible courses
    • Team Members in "hard to fill" positions (this list will download to your device when clicked on), or those pursuing degree requirements for one of these positions, may receive up to $5,250 per year for eligible courses
    • Educational Assistance for eligible courses applies to tuition, registration fees, exam fees, and laboratory fees.

    Certification Benefit

    • Benefits are also available for approved professional certification expenses, for up to $375 per year beyond the $2,000 or $5,250 course benefit. Benefits over the $5,250 threshold will be subject to taxation.

    Benefit Payment

    • Educational assistance will be provided as a reimbursement after successful completion of the course or professional certification. There is an exception for team members with 2+ years of continuous employment and an annualized salary of $50,000 or less, RN Clin 1s, or if you are employed 6 months, attending UVA. If you fall into one of these categories, then you are eligible for Advance Tuition for Eligible Courses (this is for courses only, not certifications).
    • Non-education related fees (e.g. student activity fees), fees that support programs outside of the classroom, and expenditures for books are not eligible. 
    • Team Members may also receive professional development funding from their department for non-credit courses or professional conference expenses that are not covered under the Educational Assistance Policy. 

    Professional development activities consisting of other educational activities or programs not resulting in academic credit or certification, such as conferences, certificate programs, professional association programs, training programs, and non-credit continuing education programs are not covered under this policy, but may be funded by your unit or department.

  • Nursing Scholarship Program

    The Nursing Scholarship Program is offered through the Professional Nurse Staffing Organization (PNSO).  Information will be posted on the PNSO web page when the program is open for application, usually in the Spring each year.

How to Apply

  • Academic Division Employees

    To apply for the benefit, submit an Employee Request in Workday. Use the Request Education Benefits Job Aid for detailed instructions.

    You must upload proof of cost with your request.

    Course completion and payment documentation may be submitted in the Workday Request, or within 30 days of course ending. 

    To check if an educational institution is accredited, visit the U.S. Department of Education’s list of accredited schools.

    For information about possible fee waivers for employees who take classes at UVA, go to Financial Services Fee Waiver for Employees at Student Financial Services (determination of possible fee waiver is made by SFS).

  • Medical Center Team Members


    The benefit maximum will be based on the calendar year in which the payment is made.

    In order to request Educational Assistance, start by enrolling in the Educational Assistance CBL in Workday Learning:

    1. Search for "Educational Assistance" in the Browse Learning tab.
    2. The digital course includes a FAQ and Job Aid (also see Resources below) that will help you navigate through the system and ensure that your request meets policy requirements.  
    3. Once the digital course is complete, you will need to submit an OAR (Online Access Request) to request access to the PeopleSoft Financials system by going to this link.
    4. When you access the site, you will need to login with your user ID and network password.  You will then click the green button beside ‘Access Request’. 
    5. Please scroll down the page to the area named ‘System’, click on the drop down list and choose ‘PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses’.  Click on the drop down list for ‘Role’ and choose ‘Employee Expenses’.  Please see example below:
    6. Verify your Computing ID, Employee Email Address, and Supervisor ID.  If all are correct, then click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button to submit the request.  There will be a comments field available so I recommend you enter a note with the date you completed the digital course and submit the request. The request will then route to your manager and system owner for approval.  You will also need to complete the ‘User Agreement’ portion of this process.  Once everything is completed, then your access will be granted.
    7. Once the OAR is complete, 3 separate emails are sent:
      • i. To the employee reminding them to sign their user agreement
      • ii. To the manager/supervisor to approve the request for access
      • iii. To the system owner (AP) to approve the request
    8. Once action is taken from each of the 3 emails (access will not be given until all 3 steps are complete), MCC Security is notified and sends an email to the employee to sign their user agreement.
    9. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and signed the user agreement, the employee’s information is transferred into PeopleSoft Financials Supply and Chain Management System (i.e. Employee ID) within 48 hours.
    10. Please allow up to 5 business days for total processing time to receive access to the system.
    11. After you submit your request online, it will go to your supervisor for initial approval and then be routed to HR for final approval.
    12. You will then receive email notification that payment has been made. Payment is made via direct deposit to the account you have on file.

    If you qualify for Advance Tuition for Eligible Courses, you must submit your request prior to registering for the class.

    Please note that with this online process your request amount must be exact.  If the amount you request is more than the maximum benefit available, the request will be returned to you for correction and re-submission to your supervisor.  


Additional Details

Here is helpful information for employees and team members interested in using education benefits. 

  • Potential Taxation of Education Benefit

    If you receive over the IRS limit of $5,250 for education costs within the year, the excess is considered taxable income to you and appropriate taxes (federal, social security, medicare and state tax, if applicable) will be withheld at the point in time in which you exceed that amount.

    The amount credited to your annual benefit allotment is based on the year the reimbursement was paid.

  • Work Schedule Accommodation

    Academic Division Employees

    You should plan to take courses scheduled at times that will not require absence from work during your regular work hours. Check with your supervisor prior to registration to determine if your supervisor can approve a work accommodation request.

    The decision to grant a work accommodation for the Education Benefit is discretionary with your School/Unit/Department supervisor, and is based on your supervisor's assessment of a number of factors, including anticipated needs of your unit, available resources, and your motivation and potential. Supervisors are encouraged to make a reasonable effort to find an appropriate work schedule accommodation.

    Work time off to attend classes is permitted on Sponsored Projects.

    Several types of work schedule accommodations are possible, including:

    • Revised work schedule
    • Excused absence with use of leave time
    • Release time with pay

    Medical Center Team Members

    Your manager is responsible for determining if the credit load and/or eligible course schedule requested will interfere with your work commitment or performance. If you are a part-time employee, you must take classes outside of your regular work schedule.

  • Payment Process

    Academic Division Employees

    Funds will be deposited through your payroll. This may take up to 30 business days.

    Upon completion of course or event, you are required to provide course payment and completion documentation through Workday. Providing documentation is an IRS requirement. You must submit the following: 

    • An official grade report or appropriate document showing successful completion of the course
    • Paid bill or receipt indicating the amount of tuition you paid.

    If you leave the University before successfully completing the course, or before reimbursing any amounts owing under this policy, or you do not register for or you stop attending a course for which you have received an education benefits disbursement, you are responsible for immediate repayment of the full amount of the benefit disbursement.

    Medical Center Team Members

    For Advance Tuition Requests, within 30 days after completing your course, please submit evidence of your satisfactory course completion to UVA HR, or repay the advance tuition amount.

    Payments will be direct deposited into your account within 2 business days following final approval by UVA HR and successful completion of the eligible course or professional certification.

    Expenses that have been waived or paid through other sources such as scholarships or grants are not eligible for reimbursement.

    You are not eligible for reimbursement of educational expenses if you do not complete the eligible course satisfactorily, you drop or withdraw from the course, or you terminate Medical Center employment (except when transferring employment to the Academic Division of UVA). If you leave Medical Center employment, you are required to repay any educational assistance reimbursement amounts received within the past 12 months from the end of the class prior to termination, and any tuition advance payments for courses that are completed less than 12 months prior to termination. Appropriate deductions will be made to recoup the full amount of these assistance payments from your final pay.


Frequently asked questions are available below:

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