Pipeline Programming

Pipeline Programming

Pipeline Programming brings Business Partners, Hiring Managers and Directors, Department Chairs, and UVA HR Recruiters together to collaboratively develop robust, talent pipelines – pools of candidates who are ready to fill positions. This initiative helps address short- and long-term organizational talent needs while attracting and connecting top candidates.

Supporting Talent, Strategic Initiatives, & the Community

Acquiring Talent: As customer-focused practitioners, we support teams pan-University, providing the necessary tools to proactively source, screen, and select qualified talent.

Building Talent Pipelines: We simultaneously create talent pipelines that span beyond the University and across the community to engage with professional associations, diversity organizations, alumni groups, veterans, college recruitment pools, technology industry groups, local realtor associations, and relevant chambers of commerce.

Engaging Talent: Our unique talent-engagement strategy combines traditional outreach, such as human-to-human interface and promoting a coaching culture, with an innovative channel mix of social media, content marketing, and more.

Engaging The Community: In addition, our partner-engagement strategy analyzes employment trends and patterns, as well as forecasts workforce demands to determine an appropriate pipeline of talent.

  • Pipeline Services

    In addition to providing a dedicated and experienced team of professionals to support and promote talent pipelines, we:

    • Implement long-term and personalized strategic planning for hard-to-fill and high-demand positions.
    • Analyze recruitment strategies to spread brand awareness and build positive brand associations among talent and partners, alike.
    • Establish long-term career programming to sustain a “backyard workforce” that immerses local schools, learning institutions, and educational non-profits in our pipeline of potential talent.
    • Research and develop an Employee Referral Program that benefits and encourages relationships across and beyond the University.
    • Remain focused on customer service in order to flexibly address the needs of a growing and transitioning workforce.
    • Combine traditional and digital communication strategies, such as job fairs, networking events, virtual meet-and-greets, social media engagement, and content marketing to saturate diverse talent pools and spread awareness.
  • Our Valued Partners

    Our partners range is size, and span across the Commonwealth. If you’re interested in becoming a community valued partner, reach out to Jen Krahn.

    • Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC)
    • Community Self-Sufficiency Program at PVCC
    • Network2Work at PVCC
    • Virginia Employment Commission (VEC)
    • Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce
    • Leadership Charlottesville Alumni Association
    • UVA Alumni Association
    • Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC)
    • Virginia Values Veterans (V3)
    • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
    • Independence Resource Center (IRC)
    • Albemarle County Public Schools
    • Nelson County Schools
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can my business departments understand or retrieve information to identify skill gaps or talent short falls?

    A: Your assigned Recruiter or Business Partner should be able to advise you if the talent pool is exhausted or unmet for a specific opening. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is an additional source to identify future talent shortfalls and trends.

    Q: Once a talent gap or talent short fall in my area is identified how do I submit a request for assistance? 

    A: To submit a request for assistance, please email jak8w@virginia.edu. You will receive a response within 24 hours or less.

    Q: How soon will I begin to see the results of the sourcing efforts for my pipeline? How often will I receive a Pipeline Report?

    A: After a brief ‘intake’ meeting you should receive your first update within three business days. Depending on the scope of the project and the frequency of updates discussed in the intake meeting, you may begin to receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly updates.

    Q: Will Talent Flexibility Services handle all pipeline initiatives?

    A: Depending on the complexity of the talent request for pipeline work (as determined by the Hiring Manager, Business Partner, Manager of Talent Flexibility, and Pipeline Programming Specialist), all pipeline initiatives are structured to funnel to Pipeline Programming unless otherwise decided.

    Q: Can Pipeline Programming source for our hard-to-fill openings?

    A: Yes, Pipeline Programming is able to handle most request for hard-to-fill talent sourcing.

    Q: Can Pipeline Programming assist with screening/interviewing our applicant pool?

    A: Yes, Pipeline Programming is able to handle initial screening/interviewing and vetting of most candidates.

    Q: Will UVA HR have one Referral Program or are there several based on the business division?

    A: Our initial vision is to have one unified Referral Program across Grounds to keep communication clear and concise for all employees at UVA, UVA Medical Center, and UPG. It is imperative to be transparent with existing employees who are our best sources for acquiring superior talent.

    Q: How can my business department get involved with High Schools for Career Exploration Day Camps, Summits or Seminars?

    A: Should you wish to take part or having an idea in regards to a Career Exploration Day Camp, Summit, or Seminar please email jak8w@virginia.edu.