Onboarding & Orientation

Onboarding & Orientation

***For University Medical Center only - a new hybrid Orientation has launched for University Medical Center new hires on Monday, May 13. Please refer to emails from UVA HR to impacted University Medical Center managers.***


Update as of June 10 for clinical nursing new hires:

Mandatory Nursing Orientation will be held at McLeod Hall, Fenwick Auditorium (Rm #1020) beginning at 8:00 am for clinical nursing positions on their first day. During this Orientation, clinical nursing new hires will be completing a live Zoom Orientation session (hosted by Human Resources). They will also be able to complete their I-9 process. More information will be sent directly to new hires from Nursing Professional Development Services (NPDS) regarding their training schedules for the rest of weeks one and two. Clinical nursing-related positions include: RNs, LPNs, PCTs, CNAs, Medical Assistants (including APAC), Earn While You Learn, Internal/External Travelers, International RNs (Passport/NurseMatch), OR SSTs and CSTs, PSAs, and patient companions.

Academic Division employees will participate in a virtual Zoom presentation of Grounds for Success (see information below.)

2024 Grounds for Success Orientation Dates

2025 Grounds for Success Orientation Dates

All UVA Health new hires will receive a Workday learning module entitled ‘Welcome to UVA Health,’ which is an interactive learning module that references UVA Health cultural content.   

Beginning May 13, 2024, University Medical Center new hires and International Nurse new hires will also participate in a hybrid orientation schedule through September 2024.

2024 UVA Health Orientation Dates

The Onboarding Guides linked below will assist both managers and new hires with many of the items required during the onboarding process. Please reference the Onboarding Guide associated with your new role for important information regarding specific onboarding tasks to be completed.

UVA Health Orientation Information

The various components of UVA Health each have unique Orientation processes.  Please refer to your associated Onboarding Guide linked above and confirm Orientation plans with your manager.