Anatomy of Trust (Virtual)

As human beings, we are wired for connection.

When we feel disconnected it can feel like we are at risk.  We become uncertain and emotionally exposed.  In other words, it feels vulnerable.  Yet, to be vulnerable with another we need to trust – trust and vulnerability are a slow stacking motion (like the game Jenga).  When we trust one another we are braving connection. Most people believe they are completely trustworthy, yet they trust only a handful of their colleagues.  Believing we are trustworthy and being perceived as trustworthy by others are two different things.  Conversations about trust can go sideways fast.  We avoid them because we don’t have the tools, the language, or the skills to talk about trust.  That leads us to talk about people rather than talking to them.  Trust is a non-negotiable for leading.  Learning how to build trust from a place of curiosity is the skillset we will cover in this workshop.  But first, we will start with values.

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