Crucial Conversations (Daily Webinar Series)

Dialogue is the difference. Whenever you’re not getting the results you want, it’s likely an important conversation either hasn’t happened or hasn’t been handled well. In fact, both individual and organizational success are largely determined by how quickly, directly, and effectively we speak up when it matters most. At the heart of healthy and high-performance organizations are people willing and able to hold Crucial Conversations.

What is a crucial conversation? A Crucial Conversation is a discussion between two or more people where the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. When conversations turn crucial, people tend to follow one of two ineffective paths: they either speak directly and abrasively to get the results they want but harm relationships, or they remain silent with the hope of preserving relationships only to sacrifice results.

There is a better way. Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue gives people the skills to step into a disagreement—rather than over or around it—and turn disagreement into dialogue for improved relationships and results.

This course is associated with a fee of $215 per participant and includes the book, Crucial Conversations, and a learner guide.

This course does offer CEU credits.

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