Flipping the Script on Burnout (Webinar)

Somewhere along the way, we have allowed our success to be measured by how full our calendars are, how many pages our to-do list runs on for, and how, often without even comprehending when or why, we have begun participating in a competition of busyness, where ultimately, no one wins.

In most workplaces, the feeling of over-extension is a norm of everyday professional life, especially in higher education where burnout is a known buzzword. Participants will begin their journey of understanding burnout by listening to a 42-minute episode of Adam Grant’s WorkLife Podcast, “Burnout is Everyone’s Problem” (available for free). During our virtual course, we will review the cost, driving dimensions, stages of burnout and dive into how we can "Flip the Script" and use the DCS model, as well as mindfulness techniques, to end our stress cycles and support our teams. 

This program is being held in collaboration with FEAP.

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