Multicultural Fluency (Virtual)

Multicultural Fluency is an introduction to the work of diversity and inclusion.

This highly interactive workshop introduces the necessity and power of reflective thinking and of telling our personal stories.  The concepts of intent and impact and micro-aggressions are also explored.  The course is designed to help participants uncover the complex terrain of cultural differences in a brave environment. The facilitators will lead participants in activities ranging from personal, and private inquiry to small and large group discourse.

The goal of the workshop is to begin conversations that are both grounded and constructive. Managers, leaders, and team members should attend this course, as Jay Huyen wrote in the article, The Art of Cultural Fluency in Leadership, “If left unattended, diversity can negatively affect team cohesion and increase miscommunication and conflict. Having a culturally adaptive leader, or team, can encourage diverse viewpoints in decision-making and give voice to the unique perspectives that will drive innovation and growth for your organization. Fluent leader skills should be added to your leadership toolkit.”

Participants will have 30 minutes of pre-work which includes brief readings, a video, and reflection material. The learning goals include:

  • Exploring your identity

  • Learning about other identities and experiences

  • Listening deeply without judgment

  • Creating a Brave Space for honest dialogue about differences at work

This is the first in the series of classes offered by HoosBrave, HR – Talent Management, and the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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