Ensure you will receive a copy of your W-2 digitally!

As we approach tax season, UVA encourages you to log into Workday and elect to receive your W-2 digitally. Currently, 70% of employees receive their W-2s through the mail, opening themselves up to greater potential for loss and fraudulence of their personal information.

Beyond preserving confidentiality, receiving your W-2 digitally decreases UVA’s impact on the environment. Reducing the amount of printing and mail delivery are two ways we can support our commitment to sustainability.

Electing to receive your W-2 digitally is as simple as a few clicks:

1. In Workday, click on your “My Pay” app. My pay

2. Go to “My Tax Documents”

My docs

3. Select Electronic as your option

Tax docs

To receive your 2021 W-2 digitally, follow the steps above by January 1, 2022.