FY20 Goal Setting for Medical Center

We would like to remind employees and managers in the Medical Center, School of Medicine (SOM) and University of Virginia Physicians Group (UPG) that the FY20 Goal Setting deadline is quickly approaching. By Dec. 13, 2019, you should have:

  • Accessed the template for primary positions at UVA Health (SOM, UPG, and the Medical Center) via the Workday task you received in Outlook to write, edit, weight, and submit your goals to your manager.

Reminders on Setting Goals:

Medical Center team members must have exactly five goals for FY20, as follows:

  • Two cascaded from your manager, aligned to team and/or organizational goals. These cascaded goals should automatically appear inside your Goal Setting (Set Content) task under the Performance Goals section. If you did not get two cascaded goals, please check with your manager.
  • Two you create inside your Goal Setting task, related to the execution of your job duties as defined by your manager and job profile (description).
  • One you create inside your Goal Setting task, related to your professional development.

SOM and UPG:

  • The SOM and UPG require a minimum of three goals up to a maximum of five goals. Managers can cascade goals but it is not required. As you create your goals, consider goals related to your job or a professional development goal that might align with your career aspirations. Creating a professional development goal is strongly encouraged. Goal weighting will also be required this year.

Medical Center, SOM, and UPG:

  • Goals set and approved during the goal setting phase (mid-October through December 2019) are for the entire performance cycle that started on July 1, 2019 and finishes June 30, 2020.
  • Team members who have dual roles should have received a goal template on Nov. 18, 2019 if their primary job in Workday is a UVA Health job. They will receive the goal template for their secondary position on Dec. 15, 2019. Managers should cascade goals for secondary positions between Nov. 15, 2019 and Dec. 14, 2019.

The Performance Management site and Goal Setting FAQ pages provide support and resources for you during the goal setting process, including job aids, videos, and more.

Contact AskHR@virginia.edu and include ‘Performance’ and/or ‘Goal Setting’ in the subject line for questions.