HR Website Migration Occuring – Medical Center and UPG

In early February, the human resources-related webpages and content on the Medical Center and UPG Human Resources (HR) websites are moving to the UVA HR website. Users will now conveniently be able to find all up to date and accurate HR information in one place.

Navigation on the UVA HR website is structured by topic and each page is designed to clearly show audience groups – Medical Center, UPG, Academic Division, so you can go right to the information you need.

For a period of time, webpages on the Medical Center HR website will be redirected to corresponding webpages on the UVA HR website, so when you click on a Medical Center webpage it will take you directly to the appropriate UVA HR webpage. These redirects will stay in place until we are confident that team members are comfortable going directly to the UVA HR website.

During the migration, we worked with subject matter experts to update the Medical Center and UPG HR web content. However, if you see incorrect information please let the HR Solution Center know and we will update it immediately. We greatly value your input and expertise.