Job Catalog Details Report Replaces Title Summary Tool

Effective October 15, 2019, a new report in Workday called the “Job Catalog Details” report will replace the job descriptions currently housed on the Medical Center’s O: Drive and the Title Summary Tool used by Academic leaders. This new report provides information about job descriptions, job profile names and numbers, exemption status, salary ranges, and much more. Job descriptions are part of the job profile in Workday and can be found in this report.

At this time, job descriptions in the O:drive and in the Title Summary tool will be removed and archived. In order to access this data, managers will need to run the Job Catalog Details report in Workday. The information in this report is for use by managers and above.

This move comes as we transition to Workday for the majority of our HR business processes, and offers additional functionality:

  • The data is now secure and protected for UVA managers rather than open to the general public.
  • Managers can run the report and view information in Workday, or can export information to Excel and use filters.

To locate the report in Workday, users can simply search for “Job Catalog Details” in the main search bar.