July 2019 Changes/Updates From Medical Center Leadership

As you know the FY19 performance evaluation process was kicked off in early June and is scheduled for completion by August 31, 2019. The self-evaluation and manager review process is more challenging than anticipated this year as we learn and improve the new Workday tool.

We heard your concerns and are taking the following steps, in collaboration with the UVA HR team, to ease some of these challenges. We also commit to additional improvements for the FY20 performance cycle.

Please note that these changes only apply to Medical Center Team Members. 

Peer Review/Feedback Requirements

Peer review/feedback is only required for nurses.  

If you do request feedback in Workday remember to select “Share with others”.  This allows the feedback to be shared with your management chain and included in your performance evaluation.

Comment Requirements

Non-nurses: Comments are only required if a “1 – Does Not Meet Expectations” rating is selected. Comments are optional for all other ratings.

Nurses: Comments are only required if a “1 – Does Not Meet Expectations” rating is selected.  Comments are also required for all Clinical Career Ladder responsibilities.

Elimination of the Secondary Approver Step

To expedite the process, this year we will eliminate the Secondary Approver step.  How this will appear in Workday:

  1. Manager submits the Manager Evaluation.
  2. Secondary reviewer (generally the manager’s manager) will receive an Inbox task to Approve the evaluation.  It can be ignored and will be removed from the Inbox within 2 business days by the Performance Management team.

Delegating Manager Review to Others

If appropriate, you may delegate the Manager Evaluation task to another team member. This is called “Reassignment” in Workday.  If you have manager evaluations you would like to reassign, please fill out the attached spreadsheet, “Health_System_Reassignment_Template.xlsx”, to include all of your requested reassignments and submit it to askhr@virginia.edu with a subject “Performance Management Reassignment”. Here is how Reassignment works within Workday:

  1. Team Member completes Self-Eval and submits.
  2. Direct Supervisor will receive an Inbox task “Get Additional Manager Evaluation (Optional)”.  
  3. Supervisor will either Complete or Skip this step.  
  4. Supervisor will receive the “Manager Evaluation” task in their Workday Inbox.  It can be ignored and it will be moved within 2 business days to the “Reassigned Reviewer’s” Inbox by the Performance Management team.
  5. The “Reassigned Reviewer” will receive the “Manager Evaluation” task in their Inbox and will proceed to complete the evaluation.

NOTE: The Workday supervisor of record will still be responsible for the final “Manager Approval” step after “Reassigned Reviewer” completes the evaluation.

Clear Instructions for Completing a Manager Evaluation

Attached is a step-by-step guide to help you complete an employee’s appraisal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tracking Status of Reviews for Your Team

The Workday Report “Employee Review Details” allows you to see the current status of each of your team members’ performance evals.  Instructions for running this report are attached.

If you have questions about Performance Management or need support, please send an email to askhr@virginia.eduwith a subject of Performance Management. The team will respond promptly. Your HR Business Partner is also available.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing efforts to support the career development of your team members.