A New Focus on Wellbeing: Serving employees to be their best

With a renewed focus on encouraging your long-term health and wellbeing, Hoo’s Well is offering a new suite of programs, tools, and resources for the UVA employee community. Beginning in 2019 all employees covered by the UVA Health Plan, as well as their covered spouses, will have access to an expanded menu of options for activities that include both cross-Grounds wellness “Challenges” and personal “Journeys” designed to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Our mission is to foster a culture of wellness among UVA employees, leading to a happier, healthier, and more positive work environment. In response to employee feedback, we are now able to help you shape your healthy lifestyle in an even more personalized, holistic, and sustainable way. We are partnering with RedBrick Health to give you more choices and a wellness pathway tailored to your lifestyle and interests.

As you choose among all of the opportunities for growth that the Hoo’s Well program offers, you may experience unexpected personal rewards and see the symbiotic relationship between individual and community wellness. Participate in an on-site fitness class through IM-Rec, purchase a healthy and affordable lunch through the Hoo’s Choice program, or get involved with your physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing on a completely new level with Hoo’s Well. For example, President Jim Ryan enjoys running and was surprised to find it can also be a way to build community across Grounds as he meets more UVA students and employees who share his passion for fitness and join him on weekly runs.

Maybe getting more active will energize you for greater discovery. Creating manageable financial goals or improving your emotional wellbeing may free you to enjoy serving this great University in ways you’ve never imagined. No matter what your job is, less stress and more control of your life may help you come to work feeling motivated for the daily challenges you need to tackle.

Hoo’s Well offers this new tool to encourage each of you to take care of yourself. Personal and community wellness are the foundations that support UVA being a true force for good in the world, and this movement starts in our own backyard.

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