New HSVPN Requirement for HR Staff

Effective Monday June 1, the way HR Staff connect to Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) will be modified to meet UVA information security policy compliance.

Due to the rollout of ITS initiative on IP Fencing only IP addresses on the High Security VPN (HSVPN) will be allowed to access higher level Workday HCM areas. As such, you will be required to connect to HSVPN before you can connect to Workday HCM to complete administrative tasks. If you do not connect using the HSVPN filter you will only be allowed to do employee and manager self-service functions.

Below are the steps to sign into HSVPN.

  • Connect to HSVPN before you access Workday.
  • At launch, make sure the network drop-down is set to High Security VPN and select ‘Connect’. 

  • The popup for the HSVPN password will display.

  • Type in ‘PUSH’ to send a push to DUO on your mobile device and accept that.
  • Or go to DUO on your mobile device to get a DUO passcode and enter it in the password field, then select ‘OK’.  
  • Once you have authenticated via DUO, you will need to ‘Accept’ the terms in the Windows popup for HSVPN to connect. 

  • Now open a web browser and navigate to Workday HCM and follow the prompts to log in through DUO.


1. I am logged into Workday but I do not see any of my administrative tasks? I only see Employee Self Service or Manage Self Service.

  • If you see that you do not have the access you need in Workday once you have connected to HSVPN. Please close your Internet Browser completely and launch it again, navigate to Workday and follow the DUO prompts to log in.

2. I have been in workday all day but when I went to lunch and came back, I could not perform any actions in Workday?

  • There currently is a 120 Minute timeout in Workday so if you are logged in and not completing an action for that time you may then have issues on the page or be logged out. Please make sure you are still connected to HSVPN, close and relaunch the Internet browser and sign in again through DUO.

3. I wanted to complete some manager tasks in Workday on my Mobile phone; however, when I log in I only see self-service?

  • HSVPN does not work on mobile devices so if you do not see the correct administrative actions you do on your desktop or laptop computers it is because they are not available. Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service are the only options available on Mobile devices.

4. I do not have a mobile phone that can get the DUO app on it or I do not have Cisco VPN installed?

  • If you need access to Workday HCM and you do not have a mobile phone with the DUO app, or if you have any issues connecting to HSVPN, please contact for help.