Return to Grounds Training Module Deadline is Now

Return to Grounds Training Video Modules - Mandatory Completion by September 8

All Academic Division faculty and staff are required to complete a “Return to Grounds” training module by September 8. Everyone must complete the module even if you are not returning to Grounds. This module explains basic safety standards and behavioral expectations of working on Grounds. At the end you will be required to acknowledge that you have reviewed the content and agree to abide by the safety standards as outlined. There is also a supplemental module available to managers that provides additional details necessary to support your team. We strongly encourage managers to review this video as well.

Training Module Link: Return to Work on Grounds Training Module

Manager Completion Report

Please ensure all of your direct reports have a Content Completion Status of ‘Completed’ prior to September 8. Compliance for completing the training module relies on managers to ensure their direct reports have agreed to abide by the safety standards as outlined in the video. The Manager – Return to Grounds Training Report provides a list of a manager’s direct reports who are enrolled in the course, as well as their ‘Content Completion Status.’