Timekeeping for Academic Division - Monday January 3 and Tuesday January 4

As a result of severe winter weather, University Operations were modified Monday January 3 – Tuesday January 4 and all non-designated employees were instructed to work remotely.  This weather event also resulted in unanticipated power outages for many in our region.   

Non-exempt employees are paid hourly and are required to account for all hours worked and leave taken each pay period. For those Academic staff members who were expected to work from home but were incapable of doing so due to power outage, the Agency Closure time code may be used to account for those hours on Monday and Tuesday during modified operations. Agency Closure leave may not be used by employees who did not work as a result of other considerations such as school closure and should use PTO.

Exempt employees are expected to work with their managers to ensure required work is accomplished and time off is appropriately managed.

All employees who were unable to work when the University returned to Normal Operations on Wednesday, January 5 would need to use PTO for any other days missed in the pay period.

Employees who were out on scheduled PTO during Modified Operations would use PTO for Monday, January 3 and Tuesday, January 4.