UVA Policy on Alcohol & Other Drugs Not Changing

Although Virginia law will permit, as of July 1, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis and use of cannabis for people 21 and older, federal law still prohibits all use, possession, and/or cultivation of marijuana at U.S. educational institutions. At the present time, the University of Virginia’s policy on cannabis usage or testing for UVA employees and prospective employees is NOT changing.

University employees found in violation of this policy are subject to appropriate personnel sanctions, up to and including termination.  

Similarly, there will be no change to drug testing required of any position, either safety sensitive or non-safety sensitive. Cannabis is classified by federal law as a Schedule 1 drug still within the prohibitions STU-001. If a positive result for cannabis is found during testing, employees will be subject to discipline, including termination, and offers made to prospective employees may be withdrawn.