From Vision to Victory! Meet the Career Navigation Team

The Success Story of UVA Career Navigation

Senior Career Advisors and Coaches Liz Menter and Kim Wood and their team are creating a stir at the University with their exciting work with UVA Career Navigation. The Career Navigation team took on a huge challenge in March 2023 to establish a comprehensive career service offering for UVA staff. Without missing a beat, they swiftly launched a career resources library by May. The entire team worked off the groundwork of Heather Newton, Program Manager for Career Navigation, the Dual Career Program, and Embark; and Joe Arton, former Senior Talent Mobility Consultant, now Senior Director of the Center for Corporate Education at VCU, who began building this program a year prior. Claire Ziegler, now at the helm of both Career Navigation and the Learning and Development team, entered the picture in January 2023 to provide strong leadership and oversight of the program. 

The launch of UVA Career Navigation successfully bridged a vital gap in services to the UVA community. Through the cumulative efforts of this team, staff can access resources, attend workshops, and receive individualized coaching services from one place for the first time.

Recently, UVA HR awarded them an HR Pillar Award in the Exceptional Execution (Teams) category. This award category honors teams for the collective efforts of an outstanding group of seven or fewer individuals who work to complete a project that is important to the University’s mission and vision. It is easy to see why Career Navigation was nominated for this award. 

Referral Type pie chartIn just over six months, their unwavering commitment has yielded impressive results—coaching over 324 individuals from across Grounds. These individuals have walked away with tangible and measurable achievements, thanks to the personalized support they received. A standout example is a team of nine temps who were seeking permanent employment; through tailored workshops and personalized support, six temps secured full-time positions at UVA, with another landing a new role shortly after. 

Most UVA staff are taking advantage of Career Navigation early or in the middle of their career, and have learned about the program from many sources, including their manager, colleagues, their HR Business Partner, events around town, and the HR website. 

The best part of my job is getting to see success stories for UVA employees and team members who have navigated a challenging situation, overcome their nerves to advocate for themselves effectively, and come out on the other side in a more fulfilling professional situation. Having a client share that they achieved what they set out to do feels amazing as their coach! Liz Menter, MS, Career Coach Learn More About Liz and the Career Navigation Team

95 %

Client satisfaction rating since program launch


total interactions with UVA staff and team members

64 %

of coaching clients seek growth opportunities

Why Visit Career Navigation?

Career Navigation’s transformative coaching and meaningful commitment to the University has already made it a must-try service for all UVA employees. Still, with a 95% customer satisfaction rating and 96% recommending the service to their colleagues, Career Navigation is just getting started. Having recently brought on a new team member, Jasmine Porter, Career Navigation has grown to a team of five dedicated career development professionals and invites you to explore its services. Here are four reasons to explore this exciting new service in 2024: 

  • Tailored Coaching by Experts

    Career Navigation boasts a wealth of expertise. With a proven track record of guiding over 324 individuals to tangible successes in just six months, their personalized approach ensures your career aspirations are not just heard but also supported. Beyond conventional coaching, Liz and Kim are champions of innovative solutions and a customized approach for their participants. Since Career Navigation’s launch, more than 60% of participants have sought growth opportunities. ​​​​​​

     Career Stage pie chart Years at UVA bar chart


  • Career Development Can Support Your Well-Being

    Liz and Kim and their colleagues recognize that well-being is integral to achieving one's full potential. Work is a significant part of our lives, and feeling stifled or unappreciated can contribute to burnout. Career Navigation offers support to set goals, learn new things, and tap into your potential. 

    (Check out Liz and Kim's insightful FEAP Webinar and PPT deck on the topic.)

  • Comprehensive Career Services

    Recognizing the uniqueness of each career path, UVA Career Navigation has curated a comprehensive suite of resources. From a career resource library to workshops and one-on-one support, you can choose the level of support that suits you. 

  • Career Development Support for Managers and Leaders

    UVA Career Navigation offers career advising for managers and leaders to help them build their career path, and to also help them support their team members to grow their careers at UVA. The team offers guidance on having impactful career conversations with team members and employees, and they will offer more targeted manager training in Spring 2024.  A workshop series for hiring managers to craft compelling job descriptions and interview candidates effectively will be offered as well.   

We are thrilled to have the dedication, innovative minds, and unwavering commitment of Liz, Kim, and the entire team. They empower individuals to reach their full potential and develop a plan to achieve their career aspirations. Whether contemplating a career shift or aiming for a promotion, UVA Career Navigation is here to guide you on your journey.

We encourage you to visit the Career Navigation website to learn more or make an appointment with a career advisor if you're ready. Take a step towards your professional goals today; the potential for your career success might just be around the corner! 

I find great satisfaction in my role as a Senior Career Advisor and Coach in HR, where I have the privilege of empowering my colleagues to enhance their careers at UVA every day. Meetings range from supporting growth in their current positions to assisting clients in transitioning into new roles on Grounds. I love that every client comes with a unique challenge and request. Growing this program with this team has been such a blast. Kim Wood, Career Coach Learn More About Kim and the Career Navigation Team

Client Reviews

  • Read what your UVA colleagues are saying about the Career Navigation experience

    • I feel encouraged. I am on the right track. I have clear next steps to finish my resume, have a conversation with my director about my career, and work on marketing materials. Moreover, I feel like I made an important connection with Kim Wood. I know I can reach back for support as needed. 
    • Our discussion answered questions I had about career transitions and supported the ideas I already had in place or have plans to pursue toward the goal of a career transition. The coach affirmed my next steps, was very supportive of my goals, and offered helpful tips and encouragement.  
    • The resume advice was sound and what I needed to get noticed (hopefully) by the recruiters. It was very helpful to have her go through the job links, that part can get confusing with the internal and external avenues. Thanks for having this service!! 
    • I learned a lot about how to properly write a resume. I have a new understanding about how my resume highlights my skills, achievements, and the ability to perform. 
    • Great information and I appreciated all of the honest talk! 
    • I enjoyed the quickly accessible knowledge, resources, and connections my advisor had. This meeting left me with a sense of assurance that I was heard and that together I can make a positive change in the direction in which I grow or transition into my next steps for my career. Thank you for that! 
    • Liz was very engaged and help me so much to get additional resources that catered to my specific needs.  She provided great feedback and listened to me.  I was really impressed with my session. 
    • Ms. Kim was absolutely amazing! I was impressed with her expertise and her knowledge. Since my career advising meeting with Ms. Kim, I have more confidence in the process of job searching. Grateful that a program like this exists at the University of Virginia. Keep up the exceptional work.  
    • I found it very helpful to work with Kim. We reviewed a few options that I have been looking into for my education and work experience. I was able to get a clearer picture to help me decide what direction I would like to take. She gave thoughtful insight, was up to date on current workplace trends, and actively listened throughout our meeting. I am looking forward to following up in the future as I continue this journey. Thank you! 
    • Kim was an excellent listener and assisted me with next steps. I have a list of things I will do on my end and she is supporting me with resources and will provide follow up on her end. I appreciate her willingness to meet again with options as how to contact and set up the time. 
    • Liz Menter was stellar! Kind and charismatic with an innate ability to problem solve in the moment. Patiently listened to my concerns and provided excellent conversation and feedback that will really help me moving forward. Thank you! 
    • I am very thankful for this experience. I am looking to switch fields in the future and I was wanting to get an idea of if I was heading in the right direction. Liz gave me wonderful advice on what I could do to better prepare but also emphasized the importance of what I was already doing that would benefit me in the future.  
    • I appreciate the brainstorming and collaboration with Liz on ways to improve my resume and cover letter.   
    • Liz asks terrific questions that allow me to thoughtfully reflect on my experiences and guide me to make decisions about my best next steps. Thanks so much for this service and the support the team offers staff.
    • Liz is very helpful in her comments, career discussions, and mock interviews.  
    • Very glad to have these services available for myself and others. Kim was flexible and quick to help me reschedule when something came up. She offered a number of useful tips and reminders of things to watch for or do throughout the process of applying and/or interviewing. My thanks go to everyone involved. 
    • Ms. Kim was my angel this morning. She gave me hope and courage to continue to pursue my career dream. She was attentive empathetic and patient coupled with care  
    • Can't complain about anything. Kim was attentive and listened to my concerns. I feel like I'm making the best move for myself and in turn for my son.  
    • The career advising session really pointed me in a direction of what I can be doing to advance my career. I went in feeling lost and not knowing where to start. I left with a sense of hope and I feel like I know what I can do to propel my career. Thank you!
    • Phenomenal experience.