Evaluating the Caregiving Needs of Our Community

UVA Family Support Collab

UVA established the Family Support Collab (FSC) in June 2021 to better understand the diverse caregiving needs of our Faculty, Staff and Team Members. Each member of the cross-functional group brings varied experience and aims to evaluate the needs, challenges, gaps in support, and resources involved in employees’ caregiving needs to help build equitable solutions.

2023 FSC Goals

  • Childcare center waitlists, hours and tuition
  • Family planning benefits
  • Disabled adult/eldercare
  • Summer care options for K-5
  • Dependent tuition at UVA

2023 FSC Report

View the 2023 FSC Report.

Leadership response to the recommendations:

  • Centralize Administration of Childcare Center Waitlists, Hours, and Tuition
    • Centralized administration is addressed in the Childcare Center RFP and will be completed by July 1, 2025.
    • Additional UVA-affiliated childcare center notes:
      • The Copeley and Earhart CDC Waitlist Priority Policy has been updated
      • The MCCCC Waitlist Priority Working Group kicked off on January 2, 2024, with expected recommendation in early March.
      • Waitlist fees have been lifted at all centers, and will no longer be charged
      • The Copeley and Earhart CDCs were approved to accept the VA Childcare Subsidy
      • MCCCC is working through the VA Childcare Subsidy process, with expected approval by early summer 2024.
  • Establish a Reimbursement/Grant Program for Adoption and Surrogacy
    • More information is needed to ensure that we address this from an equity, financial, and affordability perspective. The Director of Benefits Administration will address this 2024 goal with leadership.
  • Additional notes: ​​​​​​​The lifetime limit for Comprehensive Infertility and Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) Benefits was increased from $15,000 to $20,000 in 2024 for local market adjustment.
  • Build Up Resources to Support Adults with Disabilities/Eldercare
    • Family Services will partner with FEAP to identify additional gaps not noted in the report, build bridges, and recommend solutions.
  • Bolster Resources for Summer Care Options for K-8
    • To be addressed in summer 2025.
  • Explore Dependent Tuition at UVA (Post-Secondary Education)
    • The Code of Virginia does not allow for waivers of tuition for dependents of faculty and staff, but UVA has made significant changes to their financial aid commitment to all students. See the Student Financial Services webpage for additional information and details.
    • Requested Faculty and Staff Senate review.

2022 FSC Report

View the 2022 FSC Report.

Leadership response to the recommendations:

  1. Continue the work of the FSC and develop a multi-year caregiving direction for the University
    • The FSC will continue, and will produce annual goals, should develop a caregiving direction to adjust to gaps, and will present an annual report to leadership.
  2. Fund a Family Support Specialist position to address the diverse caregiving needs of our population
    • A funded position has been approved and is in development to be posted, and the role will fully integrate into the FSC to establish/support goals
  3. Consolidate the management of all University-affiliated childcare centers
    • Consolidation of vendor relationship management with Bright Horizons and KinderCare will begin in January 2023 and will be held in UVA HR
  4. Standardize the policies and practices of the University-affiliated childcare centers
    • Standardization of policies and practices will begin in 2023 across the 4 centers, with full standardization expected to occur through the RFP (effective January 2025)
  5. Build a new childcare center on Grounds as a replacement facility for the Earhart center
    • A Childcare Center Working Group has begun, and is currently reviewing options for expansion and new construction
    • Bright Horizons will launch a cross-functional feasibility study in early 2023 to assess needs
  6. Explore the feasibility of an on-site sick childcare option
    • This is not feasible at this time due to the pandemic and lack of licensing options
  7. Review policies as they relate to flexwork, training, and attendance
    • Policy review is part of the continuous improvement of UVA the Medical Center and UPG with regular reviews in place

Resources to Explore

Understanding that, as individuals, every employee has unique needs, the Family Support Collab also aims to raise awareness on an ongoing basis for a variety of caregiving support resources. Please see our Dependent Care page for more information on current resources.

Learn More About the Family Support Collab

To learn more about the Family Support Collab, please review our 2021-2022 charter

Collab Members

  • Current Collab Participants:


    • UVA HR – Merica Shepherd, Rebecca Gristina, Nic Miceli
    • Clinical Faculty – Dr. Ann Kellams
    • Clinical Faculty – Dr. Bradley Kesser
    • Facilities Management – Chelsea Lewis, Jenny Nunez
    • Faculty Senate and EHD – Dr. Tish Jennings
    • FEAP – Beth Danehy, Sanjeeta Shrestha
    • MLP Women’s Center – Dr. Genevieve Brackins
    • Department of Biology, Professor – Dr. Sarah Siegrist
    • Provost Office – Matt Banfield
    • Staff Senate – Adam Richard

    Medical Center

    • Graduate Medical Education and Women’s Leadership Council – Diane Farineau
    • Inpatient Pediatric Therapies – Heidi Miller
    • Laboratory Technology – Amanda Kinsinger-Stickel
    • MC IT – Mindy Nair
    • UVA Children’s Hospital – Sarah Anne Duenke


    • UPG HR – Lisa Hudnall