Earn rewards for improving your financial fitness

Hoos Well Sponsored Financial Well-Being Webinars

Improve your “Financial Fitness” by attending a live webinar, presented by Hoos Well partners Fidelity, TIAA, and Virginia529. Participants in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan can earn $25 in gift card rewards for participating in up to four financial well-being webinars. Choose from a quarterly rotation of topics that includes all areas of spending, saving, planning, investing, and retiring. To get started, select and register for a webinar from the list below. After participating, record your attendance in the Hoos Well portal to receive your gift card reward.*

Spring 2021 Webinar Schedule

Inside Money: Managing Income and Debt

Everyone talks about a budget, but how many of us actually stick to one? Most people have some debt, but how many understand its effects? TIAA's webinar leader will help you understand how your money can work for you. Presented by TIAA and facilitated by ShaShanna Crumpler.

Organize, Plan and Own Your Future

Designed for women investors, this workshop will show you how to organize your investments and help build a plan to meet your financial goals. Presented by Fidelity and facilitated by Geri Allard (10 am webinar) and Hector Ruiz (6 pm webinar).

Virginia529 - Saving for Higher Education

Attend a live Virginia529 webinar to learn about saving for future higher education expenses for your children, grandchildren or yourself and by attending the session, you will have the chance to win $529 towards a new or existing Invest529 account! You will learn how to save for tuition and other college costs, and how to take advantage of tax-free earnings. Presented by VA 529. Facilitated by Brittany Bullock & Julie Ahn (11 am webinar) and Ashlee Nemeth & Rebecca Lyons (7 pm webinar)

Paycheck for Life

Learn how creating a diversified income plan-one that uses a combination of income sources and includes annuity income that's guaranteed for life-can help reduce the risks you may face in retirement and ensure you have income that never runs out. Presented by TIAA and facilitated by Miguel Shefferson & Elliot Otelsberg.

Invest Confidently for Your Future

Learn how to build and manage a long-term investment plan—for all your accounts—that you can feel confident about. Presented by Fidelity and facilitated by Tory Reed (2 pm webinar) and Alicia McMurry (8 pm webinar)

Your College Planning Choices

Learn more about how to start saving now for a child’s college education. Presented by Fidelity and facilitated by Geri Allard.

Money at Work 1: Foundations of investing

Smart investing starts with a solid group of the basics. The more you know, the better prepared you are to make informed investment decisions. TIAA's webinar leader will highlight investment options to help you make the right choices for your financial needs. Presented by TIAA and facilitated by ShaShanna Crumpler.

Stay tuned to this page for the summer schedule of webinars, which will be posted in April.

*Please note: Each time you earn rewards in the wellness portal, you are self-attesting that you have completed an activity. Please be aware that your reporting is subject to validation and audit from Virgin Pulse and/or the UVA Hoos Well Program.