Stretch Your Financial Fitness

Hoos Well Sponsored Financial Wellbeing Webinars

Attend a live webinar and improve your “Financial Fitness.” UVA Health Plan participants can earn $25 in gift card rewards* for each completed webinar. Choose from a quarterly rotation of topics that includes all areas of spending, saving, planning and investing, living, and retiring.

How? It’s easy:

  1. Select and register for a webinar from the list below.
  2. After participating, record your attendance in the Hoos Well portal.

Upcoming Webinars

Prepare for the Reality of Health Care in Retirement

  • Thursday, May 7 at 10am and 6pm
  • Learn how to estimate health care costs and factor them into a retirement paycheck, and understand options for health care coverage before and after age 65. Presented by Fidelity.
  • Register here: 10am webinar | 6pm webinar

Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your Ideal Retirement

  • Friday, May 15 at 11am and 2pm
  • Learn about retirement saving and planning, the real benefit of time in regards to saving, and the essential features of retirement investments. Presented by TIAA.
  • Register here: 11am webinar | 2pm webinar

Halfway There: A Retirement Checkup

  • Monday, June 15 at 11am and 3pm
  • With a solid career and a strong financial foundation, it's not taboo to start discussing retirement – but is the plan working? Give your retirement savings a checkup and learn steps to help you get back on track if you're behind. Presented by TIAA
  • Register here: 11am webinar | 3pm webinar

Invest Confidently for Your Future

  • Tuesday, July 7 at 2pm and 8pm
  • Define your savings goals, build an investment plan to help you optimize your savings, and understand the importance of continuously managing your plan. Presented by Fidelity.
  • Register here: 2pm webinar | 8pm webinar

Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement

  • Monday, July 13 at 12 noon and 3pm
  • Help simplify retirement income, explain basic rules that govern retirement accounts and learn ways to identify where to tap into different assets. Presented by TIAA.
  • Register here: 12pm webinar | 3pm webinar

Inside Money: Managing Income and Debt

  • Tuesday, August 18 at 12 noon and 3pm
  • Learn how to help make money work-- including the importance of cash flow and how to use it, saving and spending, and understanding debt and how to manage it. Presented by TIAA.
  • Register here: 12pm webinar | 3pm webinar

Learn the Basics of When and How to Claim Social Security

  • Tuesday, September 1 at 10am and 5pm
  • Understand how Social Security works, know considerations for how to claim the Social Security benefit; and decide when to take the benefit. Presented by Fidelity.
  • Register here: 10am webinar | 5pm webinar

*Please note: Each time you earn rewards in the wellness portal, you are self-attesting that you have completed an activity. Please be aware that your reporting is subject to validation and audit from RedBrick Health and/or the UVA Hoos Well Program.

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