Stretch Your Financial Fitness

Hoos Well Sponsored Financial Wellbeing Webinars

Attend a live webinar and improve your “Financial Fitness.” UVA Health Plan participants can earn $25 in gift card rewards for each completed webinar. Choose from a quarterly rotation of topics that includes all areas of spending, saving, planning and investing, living, and retiring.

How? It’s easy:

  1. Select and register for a webinar from the list below.
  2. After participating, record your attendance in the Hoos Well portal.

Spring 2020 Webinar Schedule

Money at Work 1: Foundations of Investing

  • Thursday, February 6 at 12pm and 3pm
  • Learn how to understand the role of investing, protect against various risks, augment traditional savings programs to help accelerate retirement savings, and understand the products and tools available to manage a growing portfolio. Presented by TIAA.
  • Register here: 12pm webinar | 3pm webinar

Take the First Step to Investing

  • Tuesday, February 18 at 10am and 6pm
  • Learn how to understand the basics of investing, recognize the importance of asset allocation and diversification, and identify your investment approach. Presented by Fidelity.
  • Register here: 10am webinar | 6pm webinar

Within Reach: Transitioning from Career to Retirement

  • Wednesday, March 4 at 12pm and 3pm
  • So it’s time to retire, now what? Make some final preparations to help shift from an active career to retirement. From income options to taxes to health insurance, you need to be prepared. Presented by TIAA.
  • Register here: 12pm webinar | 3pm webinar

Quarterly Market Update

  • Thursday, March 19 at 2pm and 8pm
  • Topics include current macro- and microeconomic conditions; U.S. equity, international equity, and fixed income markets; and long-term investing themes. Presented by Fidelity.
  • Register here: 2pm webinar | 8pm webinar

The Starting Line: Beginning to Save for Retirement

  • Tuesday, March 31 at 12pm and 3pm
  • Topics include the importance of planning early, maximizing retirement plan contributions, and how smart steps in the beginning of your career can help lead you to a more solid financial future. Presented by TIAA
  • Register here: 12pm webinar | 3pm webinar

Make the Most of Social Security

  • Wednesday, April 8 at 8am and 4pm
  • Learn how to understand the different Social Security choices, how to put a plan in place to prepare for living in retirement, tools and information to help you optimize Social Security, how to calculate your benefits, and when and how to claim. Presented by Fidelity.
  • Register here: 8am webinar | 4pm webinar


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