Workday System Access Request


In order to perform certain transactions, run reports, or view particular Workday and Human Capital Management (HCM) data, users outside of the UVA Human Resources organization (including Academic Division, College of Wise, School of Medicine, Medical Center, and UVA Physicians Group) must request a system access role from the list below. Some of these roles will require you to take training.

While you previously used Salesforce to request access to perform these actions, you can now request and receive this access on your own quickly and easily through Workday. To understand more about the move to Workday-based system access request across the University, please see the ITS Accounts and Access webpage.

Request process at a glance

process flow

What Actions Require Me to Request a System Access Role?

Request a role if you need to:

  • Hire students
  • Assign Period Activity Pay
  • Budgets: Approve Job Requisitions and Compensation changes
  • Run Reports
  • Help with I-9s
  • Review data in Kronos
  • Review Time Entry in Workday
  • How to request Learning Admin Access

System Access Roles

  • How To Request Workday System Access Roles

    How to Request Access

    While you used to request access through Salesforce or through your HR Business Partner, you can now accomplish this through Workday.

    If you need one of the security roles listed on the page below, please follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Workday.
    2. Select System Access Requests from your application menu. system access request app
    3. Select the Create New Request button. This will open a form that is used to submit an initial role request. 
    4. Fill out the form and click the Submit for Preliminary Review button.
    5. The Workday Security Team will review your submission to ensure appropriate access.
      • You will not receive a notification when the review is finished.
    6. What you will need to do:
      1. Check on submission status (one to two business days after this original request) by clicking the System Access Requests icon on your Workday homepage:
        • Check to see if the button under Preliminary Request says Submit for Approval, indicating the review is finished.
      2. Click the Submit for Approval button, review the changes, and submit your request for final approval.
        • If you miss this step, your request will not go forward.​
      3. Return to the System Access Requests icon on your Workday homepage at any time and click the blue “Request Process” link to see the status of your request.
      4. If training is required, you’ll receive a notification in Workday with details.

    Please see this job aid for step-by-step instructions.

Administrative Access to Workday Learning

For information about requesting system access roles related to Workday Learning, click the link below.

View Workday Learning Administrative Information

Types of Roles

Below you will find a brief overview of each system access role, including if training or High Security VPN access is needed for that role.

For any role without a description below, it will be coming soon. If you have questions, please reach out to the HR Solution Center:

How Do I Know if I Need Training?

In each role description below, you will see a line stating whether training is required or not for that role. In addition, you will receive a Workday notification after the first review of your security request.

For assistance with a role not on the list below, please contact the HR Solution Center at

Request-Based Access for Workday Learning

Find information on how to request a Workday Learning Security Role and various Learning Administrator roles.

How to Request Access for Workday Learning Security Roles

The Learning administration follows a separate process. To request administrative access to Workday Learning, complete this LD&T survey, which will guide you to the correct security role and required training.

Once you have submitted the form:

  1. You will receive a confirmation from the Learning Design & Technology (LD&T) team.
  2. The LD&T will email the appropriate security role(s) for your needs and the training needed to obtain the role(s).
  3. When you complete the training, respond to the email or contact
  4. The LD&T will provide the role and communicate that your access is available.

You will have approximately four weeks to complete the training once we receive your access request.