UPG Staff Rewards and Recognition

UPG Team Members

We Celebrate Careers!

Your career here is about so much more than years served. It's about you and your contribution to our Mission. So when you have a service anniversary, we celebrate with awards and recognition! We utilize Yearbook to make an occasion truly memorable and unique for each staff member.

In addition to being a beautiful catalog of awards, Yearbook reflects the actual year level you're celebrating. Leaders, fellow team members, friends and family can even upload team photos, a video and add personal notes of congratulations, making each private Yearbook a great keepsake.

At UPG, we celebrate anniversaries every 5 years through our Yearbook program.

UTeam Members of the Month

The Uteam Member of the Month program recognizes team members each month for their outstanding service to UVA Health. Any team member, patient, or visitor may nominate an eligible team member for Uteam Member of the Month by completing a nomination form. Nominations are due by the 15th each month.


UVA Health team members who have been employed at least 6 months and have provided outstanding service to UVA Health are eligible for nomination. Nominations may be based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates a caring manner and a strong customer focus
  • Works well with others
  • Makes the department a better place to work
  • Serves as a role model for others
  • Demonstrates a commitment to patient safety/patient-centered care


Selected team members receive:

  • $100.00 bonus in next pay check
  • Certificate presented by Senior Leaders at a quarterly recognition breakfast 
  • Department celebration with cupcakes and assorted beverages
  • Special announcements and pictures in the Connect newsletter
Nominate Someone Today

Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor Award

The highest individual, employee award at the University is named in honor of Leonard W. Sandridge, who was an avid champion of UVA staff and who dedicated 44 years of service to the school. He joined the University in 1967 as internal audit staff and held a number of positions until he became executive vice president and chief operating officer in 1993. 

This award recognizes an outstanding University staff or team member who demonstrates dedication to service through individual efforts, group contributions, and commitment to our larger community.

Who Is Eligible?

Currently employed, salaried, and non-probationary University staff, classified staff, UPG staff, UVA Health team members, and Contingent Workers (UVA Foundation, Aramark, Morrisons).

Selection Criteria

Winners of this prestigious award not only contribute to the University in a positive way, but also enhance internal or public regard for the services provided by UVA and the Commonwealth at large. Winners' dedication to service impacts students, patients, various clients, management, fellow employees, and/or the community. Know someone who deserves this award?

Nominate a Deserving Candidate by Friday, November 3, 2023

Awardees Receive

Awardees receive $1,000, an engraved gift, and recognition at a reception for honorees.

HOOS Building Bridges Award

President Ryan asks our University community to “build bridges”—advice he first shared with thousands of guests gathered for Undergraduate Convocation on August 26, 2018. He doesn’t ask this only of students, but rather he asks that as a community we connect with new groups and individuals to challenge our thinking and build stronger connections. 

The University’s newest award, Hoos Building Bridges acknowledges the cross-disciplinary partnerships and projects of staff and team members.

Recipients of the award demonstrate leadership and build thoughtful collaborations and relationships across schools, units, and/or departments. Their efforts increase efficiency and streamline critical processes on Grounds or at the Hospital. They also investigate and discover new solutions for long-established needs, as well as give voice to diverse perspectives and thoughts.  

Who is eligible?

Currently employed, salaried, and non-probationary University staff, classified staff, UPG staff, UVA Health team members, and Contingent Workers (UVA Foundation, Aramark, Morrisons). 

Selection Criteria

Nominations are viewed by an advisory committee which considers how candidates/teams are "building bridges," and how they demonstrate partnership internally across schools, units, and departments. Selected nominations are then submitted to the President's Office for final selection.

Nominate a Deserving Candidate Before April 19 Deadline!

Awardees Receive

Awardees receive a framed certificate, monetary award, and recognition at a reception in the Rotunda.

ASPIRE Bonus and Points Cards

  • Points Cards

    The Uteam Storefront contains UVA Health merchandise used to recognize team members quickly and easily for their behavior consistent with our organizational values. Team members are awarded point cards by department managers across the Medical Center. Merchandise can be requested by team members or by managers.

    How It Works For Team Members

    When you receive a point card, you may redeem the value for merchandise in the URewards Exchange or you may redeem directly in the Hospital cafeterias, Higher Grounds, and Medical Center gift shop.

    When using the Exchange website, select your merchandise and follow the prompts to confirm your order is placed. Deliveries are made within two weeks.

    How It Works For Managers

    Each Medical Center department manager is given two 5-point cards for every worked full-time employee. Managers are asked to use the Manager Storefront to replenish their point cards as needed.

  • ASPIRE Bonus

    The ASPIRE Bonus Program is designed to reward team members for exemplary performance while demonstrating our Core Values of Accountability, Stewardship, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect and Equity.

    • Accountability: Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for where we have succeeded and failed in terms of our actions, divisions, policies, and results.
    • Stewardship: Managing our resources and commitment to continual improvement and learning responsibly and carefully while acknowledging shortcomings or problems in our quest.
    • Professionalism: Approaching all that we do, in a collaborative way, to deliver excellent care through the lens of helpfulness, positivity, kindness and competency.
    • Integrity Being honest, open, and fair through our behaviors, attitude, and treatment of others.
    • Respect: Valuing everyone through our compassionate and caring ways.
    • Equity: Fostering an environment of belonging that promotes justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and unity throughout the organization and within the communities we serve.

    *All bonuses are subject to applicable State and Federal Tax guidelines.


    All Medical Center team members who meet the following conditions are eligible for the ASPIRE Bonus Program.

    Please note: Physicians, managers, directors or above are not eligible for this bonus program.

    • Team member is employed as of January 1, 2022.
    • Team member is employed and on the active, regular status payroll (i.e., not temporary, occasional or on contract) on the date on which payments are made.
    • Team member exhibits exemplary performance over and above expected performance standards for his/her position in support of our core values and is not on disciplinary action.
    • Team member has received earned wages or salary during the period for which the payment is awarded.
    • Team members on paid or unpaid leave of absence are not eligible to receive a bonus until they return to active employment status.

    Updates effective January 1, 2022:

    Effective January 1, 2022, the UVA Medical Center ASPIRE bonus program was updated to reflect leadership’s commitment to team members and further leverage its investment of $30 million dollars to improve compensation programs to better reward, attract, and retain our most valuable asset – our people.

    The new ASPIRE bonus program introduces the following changes/enhancements:

    • Each individual bonus can now be awarded up to $2,500.
    • Individuals can earn a maximum of either $5,000 or 10% of the base salary amount (whichever is greater) per year.
    • ASPIRE nominations and awards must come from an individual’s own department.
    • Managers initiate the bonus as a one-time payment in Workday using the comments field to explain the reason for the bonus (no more forms are needed).
    • Workday will alert managers if the total of all bonuses for an individual surpasses the new yearly maximum.
    • The manager’s direct supervisor will review and approve. Chief’s no longer need to approve.
    • Managers and leaders will be able to easily run reports in Workday detailing department/service line payment activity.
    • Managers should use the following rubric to determine the proper bonus amount:


    $250 - $750: Recognizes effort beyond normal performance expectations of the job. Example: Team member might exercise initiative by developing a new approach to a task or might put forth extra effort permitting early completion of a project assignment.

    $750 - &1,500: Recognizes efficient or resourceful effort expended by the team member. Example: Team member takes the initiative to develop and follow through on a difficult task not specifically required but which results in an immediate benefit to the project, or the team member completes an important and somewhat difficult assignment in an exemplary manner or takes extra steps to resolve a difficult situation.

    $1,500 - $2,500: Recognizes exceptional contributions of team member. Example: Team member may apply original concepts to an unstructured, non-routine assignment, or performs outstandingly in a crisis. This level is appropriate to recognize a team member’s effort that clearly can be called “going above and beyond.”