Compensation at UVA


Your talent is our greatest asset. Our compensation philosophy supports UVA’s goal to attract, develop, and retain employees using market-based salary ranges and pay practices that reward performance and development.

In addition to providing tools and training, we collaborate with schools and departments to manage pay for all full- and part-time UVA staff, using the components of UVA’s compensation management program:

Market - University jobs are evaluated against market data to ensure our current pay keeps pace with the market.

Competitive starting pay - UVA uses a holistic set of compensable factors to inform salary decisions, including determining initial offers. This approach allows managers to consider salary decisions systematically, resulting in more consistent and equitable decision-making.

Merit increases - If approved within a given year’s budget, merit increases are paid on a common annual date and reflect growth within your current job and pay range.

Promotions - Advance to a higher pay grade by developing new skills or taking on new responsibilities that allow you to qualify for a high level job.

Rewards and Recognition - Employees may receive bonuses, non-monetary awards, and recognition for demonstrating the values of the University.

Special Pay Programs/ Supplemental Pay - Special pay programs exist to allow the University to recognize special working conditions (e.g., shift differentials, call pay, overtime, etc.).

Incentives - Incentive Pay includes items such as a sign-on bonuses, retention bonuses, project-based bonus plans, or other variable pay options intended to assist with the recruitment and retention of exceptional or mission-critical employees.