Onboarding and offboarding procedures

Onboarding & Offboarding

Onboarding and offboarding procedures differ by employee type. All salary and wage staff employees–including those without system access or those who worked for a limited time–as well as temporary employees, individuals leaving for long-term disability, and employees transferring to different departments within the University should work with their hiring manager to confirm exact processes.

New Hire Onboarding Overview

Welcome! All new hires will complete an onboarding process specific to their role. Health System team members will receive further instructions on their first day during Orientation. Academic Division employees will receive information at Orientation, as well as use the New Hire Checklist in conjunction with departmental instruction. All employees, regardless of role, will complete onboarding tasks in Workday.


  1. Step 1

    Once hired you will receive an informational email with details about onboarding.

  2. Step 2

    Access and explore your Workday Onboarding dashboard, including prompts for “Getting Started,” updates “From My Manager,” and “Helpful Contacts.”

  3. Step 3

    Before your first day, read your Workday Notifications and address Inbox tasks, which will prompt you to complete important onboarding steps, such as section 1 of Form I-9 and the Benefits eLearning module.

  1. Step 4

    Health System team members attend Health System Orientation (HSO) on first day of work. Academic Division employees attend Grounds For Success (GFS) Orientation on or close to first day of work.

  2. Step 5

    In your first weeks, you will meet with your manager, as well as obtain your UVA computing ID, complete assigned Inbox tasks and trainings, and prepare yourself to select your Benefits options in Workday within 30 days of your hire date. If relocating from out-of-state, please ensure local address is up-to-date for tax purposes.

Workday Onboarding

Once hired, you will be able to access your Workday Onboarding dashboard, which features relevant applications to the entire onboarding process. In addition, your Workday notifications and Inbox will alert and prompt you to complete any necessary forms, tasks, and trainings, including, but not limited to: updating personal information, emergency contacts, section 1 of the I-9, and direct deposit, as well as notifications about parking and UVA benefits. 

Access Workday


Attending Orientation helps introduce you to UVA’s culture and structure, as well as explain available rewards and benefits–not to mention provide an opportunity to meet new colleagues. Academic Division attend Grounds For Success (GFS) Orientation, Health System attend Health System Orientation (HSO).

The program follows the UVA operating schedule.  If non-designated employees are asked not to report to work, Grounds for Success is cancelled. You will be contacted for rescheduling.

  • Grounds For Success Orientation

    Grounds For Success Orientation begins with a half-day in-person program on or close to your first day of employment. It’s an amazing way to meet your new colleagues and get familiar with UVA’s structure and environment.

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  • Health System Orientation (HSO)

    Health System employees attend a specific department-based orientation that begins with a Health System Orientation (HSO) general session, and is followed by two days of Orientation to Patient Care (OPC) if applicable. RN's (except Clinician 1s and Travelers) are required to attend Nursing Clinical Onboarding three to seven weeks after the first week of hire.

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Benefits Enrollment Process

Before attending Orientation on (or near to) your first day, complete the Benefits eLearning module. At Orientation an HR Consultant will be present to help answer your questions before you enroll. Remember that you must select your Benefits options in Workday within 30 days of your hire date.

Read step by step instructions for enrolling in your benefits, based on your employee type:

Career Development

Career development is a lifelong process of learning, working, and managing professional transitions. As an employee you can access many resources and programs to enrich your knowledge and develop your skills through Workday. Click your Learning application in your Workday Dashboard to customize your development goals, learn about opportunities at the University, and take assessments to discover new skills. Talk to your manager, and take advantage of the following resources:

Resources For Managers

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to onboard and offboard employees to guarantee successful and secure transitions. Academic Division Managers visit our For Managers page to learn more. Health System Managers visit our Onboarding Essentials page to learn more.

  • Onboarding For Managers

    Welcoming an employee is a critical responsibility of a manager and her/his department. The first year of employment is crucial to reducing voluntary turnover and increasing organizational retention.

    Initiated upon the hiring of an employee, managers receive a Workday notification with a printable checklist of tasks to complete in order to prepare for a new hire, as well as notifications for responsibilities in the first few weeks of hire.

    Managers will also receive Workday notifications to meet and lead discussions with their new hire about culture, competencies, expectations, and more. Workday will continue to notify managers of onboarding duties through an employee's first year of employment.

    Use the Onboarding Checklist for Managers to ensure your employee is prepared for success. Feel free to adapt the checklist to meet your school/unit/department’s unique needs, or use it in combination with existing school/unit/department onboarding checklists.

  • Offboarding For Managers

    All salary and wage staff–even those without system access or those who worked for a limited time–must complete the offboarding checklist before leaving the University. This includes, temporary employees (the checklist is the department’s responsibility), individuals leaving for long-term disability, and employees transferring to different departments within the University.

    Managers receive a Workday notification with a printable checklist of tasks to complete in order to prepare an employee for departure.

    Use the Offboarding Checklist For Managers and help your employee complete the Employee Offboarding Checklist and the Knowledge Transfer Template to protect the physical and intellectual property of the University, ensure compliance with security and access issues, and transfer pertinent information. Scan and upload the completed offboarding checklist and knowledge transfer documents to an employee’s personnel file through the Document Imaging System.

    Cancel access to central systems and email on the employee’s last day of work. If the circumstances of the termination require that systems access including email should be removed immediately, contact it-policy@virginia.edu for assistance.

    Please note that for temporary employees, the offboarding checklist is the department’s responsibility.

  • Partner Program

  • Work Breaks Policy

    Work breaks or rest periods such as coffee breaks are privileges granted by department supervisors and:

    • Should not exceed 15 minutes in the first half of the eight-hour shift and 15 minutes in the second half of the shift
    • May be shortened or eliminated if work schedules do not permit them
    • Are intended as rest periods, and cannot be added to another break or used to extend lunch periods, offset lateness or early departure from work, or shorten the 40-hour work week
    • Are granted to part-time employees at the discretion of the supervisor, but generally should not be more frequent than one break per four-hour shift
  • Workforce Planning

    This pilot program offers consultation support for teams that are ready to explore strategic workforce planning. Based on a department’s needs, a Human Resources Business Partner can help teams analyze and forecast workforce supply and demand, assess gaps, and determine whether appropriate talent is prepared to provide timely support for important projects.

    Workforce planning begins with a collaborative assessment to develop an action plan and connect you with available HR resources. Services include:

    • Ensuring a qualified workforce is in place to fulfill your team’s needs.
    • Assessing current staff abilities and skillsets.
    • Planning for the expectations and needs of a diverse workforce.
    • Managing talent profile data, turnover information, and development needs.
    • Forecasting future trends that will affect staffing needs.

    Contact us at talentplanning@virginia.edu or via the Talent Development Request for Services form.

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  • Cornerstone Program: Succession Development

    Devoted to the development and lifelong learning of our employees, we offer succession planning tools to help managers identify, assess, manage, and develop individuals at the University for potential future roles.

    We work with teams across the Academic Division, the Health System, and University Physicians Group on talent reviews and development, as well as identifying an annual cohort of 30 participants for UVA’s Cornerstone Program.

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