We work with hiring managers

Student, Staff Wage, & Faculty Wage Employees

The Student, Staff Wage, and Faculty Wage Team (SSF) work with hiring managers and Business Partners to help recruit and hire exceptional candidates. We can also:

  • Post student wage and federal work-study positions in Workday.
  • Recruit and connect students to on-Grounds jobs that reinforce their education and career goals.
  • Facilitate the classification and posting for all Wage roles.
  • Provide support and tools for hiring managers who need assistance in screening, sourcing, and selecting the best-qualified talent to fill short-term academic work assignments and guide managers through the recruiting and hiring process.


Search For Available Student Positions

All student employees work closely with UVA's Career Center to find the right position to match your skills and talents. Search for student wage and federal work-study positions in Workday, filtering the Job Type by "Wage."


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