Classified Staff Telework Policy Info & Resources

Telework Policy for Classified Staff

Governor Youngkin announced, per DHRM Policy 1.61, Teleworking, that all state employees must work in person unless an approved Telework Agreement is in place. For the University of Virginia this policy applies to Classified Staff only, including those at the College at Wise. This policy does not apply to University Staff at UVA and UVA Health because Virginia law authorizes colleges and universities to establish and follow their own personnel policies.

Classified Staff members who wish to telework must submit a Standard Telework Agreement request. Directions for submitting this request, description of the review process, and resources are below. 

Policy & Telework Agreement Info for Staff and Managers

  • Overview of Telework Policy

    Here is the DHRM Policy 1.61, Teleworking that provides details of the telework policy for Classified Staff, determinants of eligibility for telework, overview of the Standard Telework Agreement, and more.

    The Standard Telework Agreement is effective for one year and must be renewed annually. 

  • Standard Telework Agreement & Submission Instructions

    All Classified Staff who telework one day per week or more and wish to remain teleworking, must submit this form called the Standard Telework Agreement. Use this same process if you wish to increase the number of days teleworking from what was originally requested. 

    1. Fill out the Standard Telework Agreement to reflect the telework arrangement you and your manager have agreed upon. It is an electronically fillable pdf form. 
    2. Print out the Standard Telework Agreement form. 
    3. Sign the Standard Telework Agreement form (an original signature, in ink, is required). 
    4. Scan the signed Standard Telework Agreement form into a pdf. If you do not have access to a scanner you can take high quality photos of each page of the form. 
    5. Send the scanned, signed Standard Telework Agreement form to your manager who will submit it for approval. Details for the manager process are in the section below. Standard Telework Agreements can only be accepted if they are submitted by your manager to, not by you. 

    FORM SUBMISSION - Please use this UVA process for Agreement form submission. Do NOT submit directly to DHRM or any state agency.

  • For Managers - Form Submission Process

    Managers should use these steps to process the Telework Agreement submitted to them by their employees:

    1. The employee completes the Telework Agreement and sends to their manager.
    2. The manager should review and if approved, send to with the subject line “Telework Agreement – Classified Staff.” 
    3. At the manager’s discretion, the employee can begin to follow the new Telework Agreement immediately under “temporary approval” from their manager. The final and long-term decision for the Telework Agreement is with UVA leadership and State approvers. 
    4. The HR Solution Center will track the request and review the Telework Agreement to confirm it is complete. 

    If the employee who has been approved for 1-2 days of remote work each week wants to reduce the remote work days in their schedule, and the manager and employee agree to an adjusted schedule, it is recommended to:    

    • Document the agreed-upon revised schedule.   
    • Allow the employee to work that revised schedule.  
    • Update the number of days requested during the annual Telework Agreement update.


Other Information

  • Employees Currently On Leave

    If you are currently on leave, when you return from leave you may complete the Standard Telework Agreement, submit it to your manager for approval, and follow the same process as above. 

  • Policy Info

    The DHRM Telework Policy is intended to: 

    • Recognize that teamwork, collaboration, and productivity skills need rejuvenation. 
    • Provide a telework framework for employees to assist the transition back to the office after this unprecedented period of remote working. 
    • Demonstrate that the strongest teams are best cultivated and learning is most enhanced in an in-person setting. 
    • Highlight and inform employees that teleworking is a benefit offered to employees, rather than an obligation of the Commonwealth. 
    • Determine positions where telework is appropriate for managing the affairs and operations of their agency - Teleworking is not always a suitable alternative for many positions. 
    • Require the review and replacement of all active individual telework agreements with the standard agreement.  
    • Assess individual and team objectives and overall performance expectations of the team when awarding new telework agreements. 
    • Ensure that individual telework agreements reflect specific days of on-site work that are consistent with effective delivery of services and team collaboration. 
    • Ensure that legal requirements are met for employees who have unique workplace considerations.