Hire a UVA Temp

Hire A UVA Temp

UVA Temps provide flexible hiring options that bring you superior sources of talent and reduce the costs of accomplishing quality work. We serve UVA Managers and job seekers alike, to place the right candidates in the right temporary positions.

I know I can always count on UVA Temps! Janet and her staff take the time to fully understand our temp needs and deliver every time. The UVA Temp Services team is talented, professional and always fun to work with. Mary Jones, Director of Talent Acquisition, Darden School of Business

How It Works

Our Temp Recruiters are ready to respond to your department’s workload fluctuations that occur from employee absences, illness, vacation, maternity or disability leave, or sudden departures. We can also help you with unexpected or temporary demands such as special projects, seasonal and peak periods, or during the recruitment of vacant positions.

  • Select Your Temp

    Start the process by emailing Katharine DiResta or Monica Petrich in the UVA Temps office. 

    We will work diligently to answer your request with a number of qualified applicants who embody the University’s Leadership Characteristics; checking references, conducting criminal history checks, verifying educational background and/or licenses, testing applicant skills, facilitating pre‐employment drug testing, and checking DMV records.

  • Extend an Offer

    With favorable results, the recruiter will offer the temp assignment to your preferred applicant, who in most cases has already gone through a face-to-face interview and orientation in the offices of University HR. All University, State, and Federal employment forms are collected at this time, along with background check releases. UVA Temps will notify you of employment eligibility based on the results, and a start date will be determined.

  • Prepare for Your Temp's Arrival

    With a start date in hand, UVA Temps will prepare to bring your temp employee on board by providing details of the assignment and an onboarding checklist with information and procedures. It is your department's responsibility to prepare a welcoming and functional workspace, and coordinate the temp's computer access with your local IT support. Employees require an eservices account to access the UVA Network. Request a phone via the UVA ITS website if necessary.

  • Onboard Your Temp

    If a name badge is authorized, your department may send the new temp employee to the UVA ID Card Office with a completed Faculty & Staff ID Card Application signed by a supervisor. In special occasions, you may help arrange parking and transportation.

  • Terminate Your Temp's Employment

    When you no longer need the services of your temp employee, we ask you to communicate the end date and the reason for termination to UVA Temps. A Temp Recruiter will be happy to help coordinate the end of an assignment if a supervisor cannot do so. Managers should complete the Offboarding Checklist for every terminating wage and salaried employee, excluding students. Upon completion, it must be signed by both the employee and the manager/supervisor and scanned into the employee's personnel file through the Document Imaging System if possible or maintained as a hard copy within the department. Refer to our offboarding instructions for more details.

    Visit the Onboarding & Offboarding page for more information

Using UVA Temps

Read about the benefits and associated fees, and familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures. 

  • The Benefits of UVA Temps

    Collaboration: We build connections and strong networks within the University.

    Cost Savings: We reduce your overhead costs by providing an economical way of meeting staffing needs. Our fees are far less than that of external vendors.

    Efficiency and Flexibility: We provide you a balance between short-term and long-term planning, while giving you flexibility to navigate peaks and valleys without sacrificing core functions.

    Responsive: We provide an opportunity for you to evaluate your temporary employee without a long-term commitment. You can employ a temp for a designated short term and if unsatisfied with a temp’s work performance, all you need do is contact UVA Temps and we will take care of the rest.

    Potential for Full-Time Transition: Many UVA Temps transition into permanent positions across the University after proving themselves as an invaluable asset to a department and team. Our services allow employers and employees to confirm an organic fit and the need for long-term placement.

  • Associated Fees

    UVA charges a 20.5% fee that includes a 13.5% Temp Fee and 7% Fringe Benefit Fee, subject to change. Outside temp service vendors commonly charge a 60-80% fee with an additional contract buy-out charge.

  • Additional Details & Resources

    Remember that many full-time employees started their career as temp employees here at the University of Virginia. Temp employment is often an individual’s first experience with the University. Your warm welcome to a temp can directly improve productivity and employee retention, and lay the foundation for lifetime affection for and commitment to the University of Virginia.

    Temporary Employment Procedures Policy