Daily Workday Update with Issues and Resolutions

WORKDAY UPDATE: March 8, 2019

With call volume for the HR Solution Center remaining at pre go-live levels (<250/day), this will be the final executive update. 

  • The Command Center continues in-person office hours from 4-5pm each afternoon to discuss concerns, issues, questions specific to a school, unit or department (e.g., where things are in the queue, expected time to resolve, etc.). Please contact your HR Business Partner to share concerns, issues, and address questions during office hours. 
  • The Workday 32 release will take place on Saturday, 3/9/19. Consequently, Workday will be down from 2:00 am – 12:00 pm for the upgrade. Direct impacts on faculty, staff and team members will be minimal. Learn more about the changes
  • Workday Central will continue to host resources and updates so we encourage you to check that site often. 
  • If you have questions or issues, please contact the HR Solution Center: 


  • UPDATE: Workday Questions and Solutions Spreadsheet 
  • NEW: Swipe Card/Mag Strip Readers for Offerings in Learning Job Aid 
  • NEW: Change in Hours for Exempt Employee Video 
  • UPDATE: Holiday Comp Time Video 
  • NEW: Security Roles Concept Aid 
  • NEW: Entering Time for Multiple Roles Job Aid 
  • UPCOMING WEEK OF 3/11: Labor Distribution Training 
  • UPCOMING WEEK OF 3/11: Change Job Videos