Daily Workday Update with Issues and Resolutions


  • We are now in our third week since the Workday launch. The next Academic bi-weekly payroll is on track for 1/25 as is the first Academic monthly payroll on 2/1 (to coincide with the third Medical Center bi-weekly pay day).
    • Academic Division payslips will be available in Workday on 1/23 (biweekly) and 1/30 (monthly). By the end of this month, we will have completed a total of seven payroll runs in Workday. The overall quality of these payrolls has been high and any issues identified have been responded to quickly.
  • Some UVA units were off on Monday for the Federal holiday while others held normal operating hours. The HR Solution Center and Command Center teams were assisting users with new requests and working through existing cases. Support teams opened 181 new cases but resolved a collective 288 cases for a close rate of 126%.
    • The HR Solution Center is now focusing on same-day issues, moving toward real-time case resolution. Recent case trends include benefits elections for new hires, general time entry and how to account for time worked during a holiday.
  • The 2019 performance management process has been initiated through Workday for the Medical Center, UPG, School of Nursing, Advancement and certain departments in the School of Medicine. The process for the remainder of the Academic Division will be initiated later this week. Those on a calendar year performance cycle can complete their 2018 evaluations in Workday and set their 2019 goals; those on a fiscal year cycle can now complete 2019 goals in Workday.
  • Activity in the system has also continued to grow. Out of the 33,091 active employees and contingent workers, 21,987 have logged in to Workday (approx. 66%).
    • Beyond initial log-ins, transactional activity continues to grow as well. There are over 20,000 processes awaiting action in the system.  
    • The number of unique users logging into Workday and conducting transactions indicates a faster than expected adoption level.
      New Training Materials
  • Former Worker View Payslip and Update Contact Information: Job Aid
  • Applying for a Job at UVA (External Applicants): Job Aid
  • Career Tab: Video
    Updates and Resolutions
  • 2019 Goal-Setting Template: While 2019 Goal-Setting has launched in Workday, the team made some adjustments to the process, resulting in “rescinded” inbox actions for some Nursing and Health System users. Impacted employees will receive additional information and a follow-up action to enter their goals.
  • One Time Payment: In some instances there were issues with the configured approvals, which have been resolved.
  • Staff Conversion: The team added reason codes in the “transfer” business process to include converting staff from classified and/or AP Faculty to University staff.
  • GTA/GRA Compensation Change: For graduate teaching and research assistants, the “propose compensation for new hire” step was incorrectly initiated when it should have been bypassed. This issue has been resolved.
  • GRA/GTA FICA: The exemption status has been corrected for this week’s payroll.  Resolution to provide reimbursement for the FICA deduction error reported last week is under development.
  • LD Update:  Labor Distribution Schedulers reviewed the position updates that impacted the last payroll, which has run successfully. The team is preparing for this week’s payroll and any related catchup transactions.

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